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The Attic is the uppermost room in the Wrecked Ship. There are a large number of Atomics encased in containers throughout the room. The room is a dead end before Phantoon is defeated, but leads back to Crateria, and to multiple Missile Tanks after the ship acivates. Its Room State changes upon Phantoon's defeat.

Description Edit

Before Phantoon is defeated Edit

Many Atomics are encased in glass pods throughout the room. They do not move, but they can be shot and killed for Energy or Missiles if desired. The room is entered via Vertical Blue Door, and branches off both sides of it. On either end of the room are Metal Doors that will not open, likely due to the fact that they have no power. Other than grinding for pickups, this room serves no purpose.

After Phantoon is defeated Edit

When entered from below, Samus is immediately greeted by a yellow Kihunter on either side of her. The room is filled with more Kihunters and Atomics, now released from their pods. These pods are now shattered and will damage Samus if she touches them. The pods suspended from the ceiling will drop damaging sparks of electricity as well as deal damage on contact. Unlike in the room's deactivated state, all the doors are now Metal Doors, but they all will open when all of the enemies in the room are defeated. However, if Samus leaves the room through one of the doors once opened, and does not shoot the other doors, when she returns, only the door that was shot open will be a Blue Door, and the others will be Metal Doors again. The leftmost door leads back to Crateria, and passage through it is required for acquisition of the Gravity Suit. The rightmost door leads to a room with mulitple Work Robots leading to a Missile Tank.

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