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"The Real Hunt Begins" is a secret trailer in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, advertising the then-upcoming main game. It is unlocked after achieving a high score in Survivor, Regulator and Morph Ball. After the third mode is completed with a high score, the game will return to the Title Screen and prompt playing of a trailer.

The trailer depicts Samus in a facility. She sees a Power Trooper being killed above her with Beam fire. A remix of the Space Pirates theme from the Prime Series plays in the background. Samus turns to see a group of shadowy figures resembling (from left to right) Noxus, Weavel, and Spire. The screen turns blank and prompts the player to visit a Nintendo website with the slogan: The Real Hunt Begins. This video can be viewed any time after it is unlocked by tapping a glowing hexagon on the Title Screen.