The Threat Assessment is a gauge that indicates environmental hazards (such as Phazon or Lava) in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The Threat Assessment will grow as Samus Aran draws closer to the danger, when the hazard may harm Samus, the bar will beep and sign with the word "Warning". If Samus comes into contact with the hazard, she will receive damage and the bar will sign "Damage".

If Samus uses the Thermal Visor or the X-Ray Visor, numbers will appear beside the bar to inform of the distance from Samus and the harmful substance, with 9.9 being the farthest and 0.0 being the closest (measurement unit is unknown).

Metroid Prime manualEdit

"This gauge warns Samus of nearby environmental dangers. It rises in accordance with the proximity of the threat-when the threat is extremely near, the word "Warning" will appear. If Samus is actually being injured by the hazard, the word "Damage" will appear."


  • The Scan Visor is the only visor without this bar.
  • In the Frigate Crash Site Samus comes across a crate oozing Phazon and the Threat Assessment rises, despite this normally not happening with Phazon.
  • The Morph Ball features the Threat Assessment only in Echoes.
  • Most substances, like lava, will cause the bar to rise, but Phazon and Dark Aether's atmosphere show no indication of warning until contact. In Echoes, Phazon does not cause the meter to rise.
  • Perhaps a reason for the meter's exclusion from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is because of the fact that, for most of the game, there is Phazon flowing within Samus' own body. However, this does not explain why it is not present before Samus' corruption; as well, while working on her PED Suit, the GF scientists could have easily reprogrammed her Threat Assessment meter to ignore the Phazon radiating from Samus' body. Therefore, the likely reason for its exclusion is developers' decision or oversight.

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