A Torizo prepares for battle.

"Torizo" is a term used to refer to animated Chozo Statues. It is likely that these statues are the same kind spoken of in the Chozo Lore entry Statuary. The Torizo may be perceived as hostile Chozo or even their mechanical variants, but both ideas are simply misunderstandings.


There are three Torizo that appear in Super Metroid. The first one to be encountered is located in Crateria. It is dubbed the "Bomb Torizo" because of the upgrade it is holding. At first, it appears to be a normal Chozo Statue, but upon acquiring the Bomb, the door becomes locked and the Torizo rises, shedding its stone shell and leading to the first boss battle. It attacks by spitting bombs and can swing its claws high enough to hit Samus if she tries to jump over it. It can also send yellow waves of energy by swinging its arms one after the other, requiring Samus to carefully dodge them and making it a difficult opponent.

The second Torizo is a golden variant found in Ridley's Lair. This one is stronger, faster, and more durable. As it receives damage, its golden appearance will become increasingly dull, indicating that it is almost defeated. The Gold Torizo is capable of dodging missiles, and will even catch and throw super missiles back at Samus. The most effective method for dispatching this Torizo is by using charged shots.


Samus battles the "Bomb Torizo".

The husk of the third Torizo is found in the rebuilt Tourian, as one of many creatures that fell prey to the Giant Metroid. The slightest touch will cause it to crumble to a pile of dust. How this Chozo relic came to end up in a Space Pirate-created facility remains unknown.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Aim for Torizo's abdomen when battling him and use Super Missiles."



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