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I'm always trying to include at least one musical piece from the previous title to satisfy old Metroid fans. It's like a present for them. For example, the music we used by following this theory is the jingle when Samus appears on the screen, and the music we prepared as the present for Metroid fans are the pieces for the lava caves in Metroid Prime and underwater music for Metroid Prime 2.

Kenji Yamamoto[1]

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For the room in the Torvus Bog, see Catacombs.

Torvus Catacombs is the name given to the theme of the Torvus Bog's lower area, which is a re-arrangement of the Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area theme heard in Brinstar in Super Metroid. Another arrangement is featured in the middle section of Area 5 in Metroid: Samus Returns, and this is also included in the Samus Archives Sound Selection CD with the Special Edition, titled Lower Brinstar.

The theme from Super Metroid can be heard here: [2], the theme from Echoes here: [3] and the theme from Samus Returns here: [4]