Torvus Transport Access (Temple Grounds)

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Torvus Transport Access is a room in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This room connects the Path of Eyes to the Transport to Torvus Bog. It is a cliffside path along a massive chasm leading to a small ledge.

Connecting roomsEdit


War Wasps in 3 Hives
"Morphology: War Wasp
Cunning aerial hunter.
Airborne insect equipped with a venemous stinger capable of shearing steel. Target can fire blasts of energy at foes."


War Wasp Hive
"Morphology: War Wasp Hive
Organic domicile for insect predators.
Destroying this structure will eliminate War Wasps inside. Explosive weapons can damage it."
Destroyed War Wasp Hive
"Morphology: Destroyed War Wasp Hive
Compromised insect dwelling.
This hive has been heavily damaged. Only remnants of cocoon remain."

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