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These are the items that appeared in Tourian throughout its various appearances.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Missile TankEdit

Reaching the corridor adjacent to the Save Station closest to Mother Brain's lair, Samus will have to perform a tricky Shinespark. As she enters Mother Brain's lair with a stored Speed Boost, Samus must shoot through the room and into the next, where she will penetrate the wall of the escape shaft and find the Missile Tank.

Power Bomb TankEdit

In Mother Brain's lair, a Super Missile must be used to break open the metallic part of the Control Capsule and then access a chamber directly under Mother Brain's former resting place. Notably, a Missile Tank was also located here in Super Metroid.

Super MetroidEdit

Hyper BeamEdit

The Hyper Beam is obtained from the baby. Samus must survive Mother Brain's Laser Brain Attack.

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