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Tourian is the theme of the area of the same name in Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. While Metroid and Zero Mission make the theme sound mechanical, as that is the elemental theme Tourian goes by (mechanical), Super Metroid creates bubbling effects since part of the new Tourian takes place in a barren area.

In the original game, this theme can also be heard while fighting Kraid and Ridley, effectively making it a boss theme. A techno, sped-up remix of the theme is heard in Area 8 in Metroid: Samus Returns as Samus is hunting the final few Larva Metroids. It continues to be heard until Samus drops down into the Queen Metroid's chamber. In the internal files, it is named Area 10.

The original theme can be heard here: [1], the theme from Super Metroid here: [2], the theme from Zero Mission here: [3] and the theme from Samus Returns here: [4].