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'tractor beam'

Samus demonstrates the "tractor beam".

The Charge Beam, in the Prime series, comes with a tractor beam effect, which can be used to attract pickups, be it Energy Capsules or ammunition, and this is helpful to Samus Aran, as she may be in the midst of battle and in need of pickups, and be unable to reach them safely. At the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the tractor beam plays its largest role, in collecting Phazon particles to fire back at Dark Samus.

Official dataEdit

Prime tutorialEdit

"The Charge Beam can be used to draw in pickups."

Echoes tutorialEdit

"Press and hold A to draw in pickups."

Charge Beam InventoryEdit

"The Charge Beam has a limited "tractor beam" capacity. Use it to pull small objects to you."


"The Charge Beam can be used to draw in pickups."

* In Metroid Prime, the "tractor beam" is spelled with apostrophes ', but in the later two games, with qutoation marks ".


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