Training Chamber (Chozo Ruins)

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Training Chamber
Training Chamber
Samus ascends one of the walls using her Boost Ball.
Game Metroid Prime
Planet/Ship Tallon IV
Area Chozo Ruins
Notable features Half-pipe, Bomb Slots, elevator leading to Spider Ball Track
Significance Location of Energy Tank
Enemies/wildlife Chozo Ghosts

The Training Chamber is a room in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. When Samus enters this room for the first time, she will have to battle two Chozo Ghosts to unlock two bomb slots to be able to access the other exit and an energy tank. When she returns to the Room later, she will have to battle another 2 ghosts.

Connecting RoomsEdit



Training Chamber Energy Tank

Training Chamber's Energy Tank

Energy Tank
After the defeat of the ghosts, Samus has to use the Half-pipe located in the middle of the room to reach two Bomb Slots, one will activate the tunnel while the other will activate a Morph Ball elevator that can carry Samus up to a Spider Ball Track. This will lead into a chamber containing the energy tank.


  • The structure that contains the Piston Tunnel beyond the morph ball hatch is nowhere to be seen through the open part of the wall.

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