Training Ground

The Training Ground is a sub-area of the Military Facility on Excelcion in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is a small outdoor area, where the Galactic Federation personnel of the base trained in combat. The Training Ground, along with the facility, is visited in M11: Uplink.

A terminal found before the Training Ground mentions that the extremely cold weather has caused static turrets used for training to malfunction, and presumably use lethal attacks as opposed to non-lethal. True enough, when the Federation Force steps into the Training Ground, the chamber locks and sixteen Grim-Class Turrets attack. They must be destroyed to lift the lock. From here, the Federation Force can reach the wreckage of the G.F.S. Daedalus. Four cover points, with four panels each, rise up from the ground during the battle with the turrets. The panels can be destroyed by turret or Marine fire, and they will retract after the gates open.


"Galactic Federation Log: Training Ground
The static turrets used for training have completely frozen. This extreme weather is causing them to malfunction."

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