Transfer lock multi

The Transfer Lock in multiplayer

Transfer Lock is a level in the MPH Multiplayer. It is based on the room of the same name in Metroid Prime Hunters. It contains a pyramid and a number of weapons. There are two Portals on the base that lead to corridors that have Jump Pads, which allow access to the pyramid-esque structure. There is a bridge that leads to several hexagon-like structures, where there is no gravity. In other modes excluding Battle and Survival, the arena is enlarged, with the hexagonal structures now serving as entrances and exits to an exposed area. The exposed area has three platforms, which serve as spawning points. From the exposed area there is a view of some of the outer structure of Transfer Lock.

The Imperialist, Battlehammer and Volt Driver are available and can be used here by all Bounty Hunters.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Kanden's maneuverable Stinglarva Alt-Form can traverse all of Transfer Lock's passages with ease, and leave explosives that seek out his closest foes.


Samus' charged Missiles tear towards targets, giving her the ability to pick off other hunters easily in the wide-open space between Octoliths.


The Nodes are not close to each other, but they are within sight of each other, making node defense easy with the Imperialist. Trace is superior when it comes to his Affinity Weapon.

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