Transit Station 0205 is is the penultimate Station in the Skyway sequence in the Pirate Command sector of the Pirate Homeworld.


When Samus and the troopers enter, there is no transit tram, strangely. Shortly after the Pirates are destroyed, the Berserker Knight will destroy the wall obstructing the rest of the room, and attack Samus. She can easily destroy it with her X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam. The Pirate Commander will soon appear and send in three Commando Pirates to deal with Samus. Once the enemies are cleared out, the troopers will demolish the large chains shackling the Skyway doors for Samus to pass through.

Connecting roomsEdit

Transit Station 0205 Blast Door exploding

The Demolition Troopers' charges detonate.



"Skyway door sealed shut. A nearby control terminal can be used to manually open the door."

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