Transit Station 1-A is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room looks like a typical Transit Station. It serves as transit to Proving Grounds and vice versa. Unlike most of them, this room contains a Space Pirate Data entry.

Connecting roomsEdit



The Leviathan
"Our leader provided us with great wisdom on many subjects, including the improvement of our mighty battleship, Colossus. We followed her teachings, and turned our vessel into a ship without peer. But more work remained! Dark Samus required a mighty flagship, one to strike terror in the hearts of her enemies. The might of Colossus was not enough. She demanded more! Her solution was unique and most excellent. We took her great star-beast and fitted it with cybernetic weapon systems. Crew quarters and command consoles were placed within the beast's skull. In time, we created a mighty dreadnaught, and called it Leviathan. The great leader was pleased."
Control terminal
"Control terminal activated. Interact with nearby terminal to signal for nearby transit system."

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