Transit Station 1-B is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is a typical Transit Station on the Pirate Homeworld, serving as a shortcut back to Proving Grounds from Landing Site Alpha. Like any other Transit Station, Samus must scan a panel to activate a Hand Scanner which will then summon the transit, with a map of the transit's path being shown above.

Connecting roomsEdit


Control panel
"Control terminal activated. Interact with nearby terminal to signal for transit system."
"Map of the transit pathways. Currently in Transit Station 1-B. Connects Research Facility areas."
Transit tram
"Transit system can be used to quickly travel from one section of the Pirate Homeworld to another."
Switch (Complex)
"Control terminal operates the transit system. Interact with the terminal to initiate travel."

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