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Hive Translator Door Indigo

A Translator Door with a violet hologram (Hive Transport Area).

Translator Doors are found only on Aether and must be scanned to open them. The ability to translate the Luminoth Symbols is required to bypass the various color-coded doors. Therefore, Samus often has to wait until she visits the Sentinel of the area's temple, who will upgrade her Translator Module to be able to decode these doors.



Violet translator door

"Over the course of the game, Samus will gain access to more and more areas by upgrading her Luminoth translator module. Keep an eye out for illuminated symbols like the one on the right."


Using the Translation Key in the Concept Gallery of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, holograms with Luminoth Symbols translate to various words. There are four colors for the holograms: violet (in Temple Grounds and Great Temple), amber (in Agon Wastes), emerald (in Torvus Bog) and cobalt (in Sanctuary Fortress).


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