Pirates attack Tinbots

A Tribeam cannon is fired at Tinbots on Skybridge Athene.

A Tribeam cannon is an armament employed by the Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier. It is a trio of cannons that fire energy beams at a single target and is the only weapon used by the ATC. The beams deal minor damage and are mostly used while dropping off Pirate Troopers into the field, as the ATC is not designed for long-term combat engagements.

Tribeam cannons are seen being fired at Tinbots on Skybridge Athene when Samus returns after upgrading her Gunship with the Ship Grapple Beam, before the rivalry ends and both the ATC and Tinbots attack Samus. Another ATC also uses its cannons on the Gears in the Gearworks, destroying many of the Gears but revealing a Missile Expansion.

The Space Pirate Assault Skiff also uses a modified tribeam cannon that is capable of charging more powerful shots. Samus is required to destroy the Skiffs and prevent them from using their tribeam cannons to destroy the Spire Pod before it can release the Theronian bomb.

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