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Urtragian Shriekbat

Scrapvault, their only appearance.

An Urtragian Shriekbat is a Shriekbat found on the Space Pirate Homeworld. These bats have taken up residence in relatively cool, dark places within the various parts of the pirate base on the planet, which acts as a counterbalance to their very high body temperature. They have the same behavior as all other types of Shriekbat, and somewhat resemble the Aetherian Shriekbat, albeit with the "loop" part of their bodies being shaped more like an onion rather than a horseshoe, as is the case with the Aetherian bats.


In the NTSC version of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it is never explained why this species of Shriekbat is called "Urtragian". However, in the later released Japanese version, the name of the planet where Samus encounters the creatures was changed to Urtraghus. Unused text found in the NTSC version's code reveals the name of the Pirate Homeworld was once Urtraghus as well, thus explaining the naming of the Urtragian Shriekbat being based on the leftover data. The Federation wouldn't know the name of the planet and would consequently refer to it as the 'Pirate Homeworld'. Urthic ore and the Metroids share a similar etymology.

Logbook entryEdit


Urtragian Shriekbat

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Urtragian Shriekbat
Fast-moving, explosive flyer. Eliminate at range if possible.

Logbook entry

Urtragian Shriekbats are fiercely territorial insectoids and will dive-bomb anything that wanders near. This attack is fatal for the Shriekbat, as the impact sets off a discharge of thermal energy. Because of their high internal temperatures, they tend to seek cool climates to dwell in. They have come to seek shelter inside the many Pirate facilities located on the Pirate Homeworld.

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