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Blue Ninjakoopa
Real Name: Undisclosed
Gender: Male
Primary Hunter: Sylux

I've only played Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Prime Hunters. The other games, which include Metroid Primes 2 and 3, I do not own, and have never played, but I've seen my friends and cousins play them.

Currently, I am awaiting Other M.

And if that isn't enough, my hunter rank in MPH is Master Hunter with five stars. I worked hard for that title, but unfortunately, the dry and dull community of the Cibolo region lacks competition, and with no one to play, I've grown rusty. Once I configure Wi-fi, I'll let you all know and you can hit me up for a few matches.

Of course, by then, I'll have my friend code.

Metroid Prime Hunters tier listEdit

Over time, I've been constructing this short list. It shows the ranking in terms of performance of each hunter.









I've used every character; I know what each is like, and the general mindset of each kind of player. I know the match ups as well, along with stage advantages.


By far the most fun to play. Sylux has a bad match-up against Samus, since she can use more missiles and collect them more easily, and her morph ball alt form is more agile and maneuverable than the Lock Jaw. While rolling, it's harder to lock the Shock Coil onto her power center for health-sapping, and she can easily cluster-bomb me for an even easier kill.

Ideal Teammate: Kanden
Most Vulnerable Prey: Sylux (<_< )


Very slow moving. These players know that Kanden's signature weapon is slow, although it has properties of Samus's Charge Beam, Noxus's Judicator, and Spire's Magmaul. The Volt Driver has homing abilities and can corrupt the vision of another player, which can be used at a high rate by professional players from hard-to-reach areas for easy kills/ambushes. For me, it's best teaming with a Kanden player. On another note, his alt form (Stinglarva) has bombs that can detach and home in on other players and can easily hit alt forms.

Ideal Teammates: Samus, Sylux
Most Vulnerable Prey: Weavel, Trace


Most Trace players just use his invisibility and Triskelion lunge to get the upper hand (in rare cases, using the alt form is banned, and Trace is put to a disadvantage at some stages, unless the one playing as Trace is an ace sniper with his signature Imperialist), but more strategic players, as said before, use his imperialist to kill from higher altitudes.

Ideal Teammates: Spire, Samus
Most Vulnerable Prey: Weavel, Sylux


Weavel players, like Trace players, take advantage of Weavel's astounding alternative form, the dreaded Halfturret (which may seem annoying, but actually puts him to a disadvantage, especially since it halves his health), to win matches. I have no trouble as a Sylux player beating these guys, since I can sap the the turret's health using the Shock Coil while also dodging the turret shots. These players move fast and use Weavel's signature weapon from higher places to gain kills.

Ideal Teammate: Noxus
Most Vulnerable Prey: Trace, Spire


Spire players are also slow-moving and campy. Spire has a good alt form (Dialanche, but it's at a disadvantage with other physical alts like the Vhoscythe. It can climb up walls (but not over ledges) and has decent power, too. Like Weavil's Battlehammer, the Magmaul fires in an arc, which makes it best for these kinds of players to shoot from high areas.

Ideal Teammate: Noxus
Most Vulnerable Prey: Samus, Noxus


Noxus is favored by a lot of players for his ability to freeze with the Judicator, but one of the most common complaints about him is that his Judicator charge does less damage than a fully charged one from a different Hunter. In these cases, Noxus is put at a disadvantage, especially against Samus (although Noxus's alt wins hers over). Freezing is often used to stop pesky alts, and can be aimed down at an angle to cover more area around Noxus. I enjoy fighting Noxus players and teaming with them (after all, he is considered one of the best teammates because he can aid with freeze-kill combos). Another good thing about Noxus is that his alt form (Vhoscythe) can "bump" other players (especially in their alt forms) off ledges, to keep them from a special item or just to kill them. The only bad thing about it is that it's hard to control.

Ideal Teammates: Spire, Weavel
Most Vulnerable Prey: Samus, Kanden


Sylux players, other than myself and others, tend to get on my nerves. They will use the Shock Coil to restore health and try to create an "eternal loop" (I'm sapping his health while he saps mine; leads nowhere). I can try ditto Sylux players by using missiles and the Judicator to kill them.

Ideal Teammate: Kanden
Most Vulnerable Prey: Weavel



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