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Hi! My username is Dr. Anonymous, but you can call me whatever you like (and believe me, people have). I am currently 15, and therefore I do not have a full-time job. As such, I consider it my job to make sure this Wiki is factually - and grammatically - accurate.

History with the Metroid SeriesEdit

The Metroid series is my favourite game series of all time. I'll just say that. I first got the Metroid Prime Trilogy when I was thirteen; upon playing Metroid Prime, I suddenly had a new favourite video game. It has remained in that spot on my list to this day, and most of the other Metroid games I've played are not far behind. Well, except for Other M, though it isn't ENTIRELY bad... just mostly.

My Ranking for the Top Metroid Games I've Played:

1. Metroid Prime: Pretty much the closest you can get to perfection in a game: Honestly, I'd say it's perfect proof that games can be considered art.


  • The music: Catchy, unique and fun to listen to. Yoshio Sakamoto is a genius.
  • The environments: Diverse, well-laid-out, and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.
  • The upgrades: Each one was unique and awesome (well, except the Flamethrower).
  • The creature designs: Inventive bosses, awesome enemies... need I say more?


  • No Screw Attack
  • Suit looked a bit bulky
  • Phazon Mines was a drag

2. Metroid Prime 3: The best Wii game I've ever played; if they had made more games like this... Pros:

  • The controls: Streamlined perfection. Smooth, precise, intuitive... just flat-out excellent.
  • Everything from the previous Prime games: Beautiful environments, awesome character design and music, blah blah blah.
  • The plot: Very well-done, and even provides some backstory for the previous games.
  • The ship: The airstrike and grapple functions were underused, but it was a BADASS addition.
  • The characters: The other bounty hunters were pretty cool and memorable (though they needed more scenes), and the voice acting was surprisingly top-notch.


  • The Beam-stacking thing: I wish they could have made it optional
  • Hypermode: Could be a bit gimmicky at times.

3. Metroid Zero Mission: Pros:

  • Improved on 2-D gameplay

4. Metroid Prime 2: Not the best of the Prime games, but still a fantastic game. While the different areas weren't as diverse, the two-world aspect was nice, if a bit gimmicky; the enemies had cool designs, the backstory of the Luminoth was surprisingly well-fleshed-out, and overall it was just a fun game to play.

5. Metroid Prime Hunters: As far as appearance and controls go, it was pretty good for a DS recreation of the first-person Prime games. Pros:

  • Multiplayer: Pure awesomeness. So many modes, so many levels, 7 different hunters... what's not to like?
  • Presentation: the gameplay and graphics were amazing for a DS game.
  • The Hunters: This was pretty much the first game to feature bounty hunters other than Samus, and for what they are we got a pretty diverse cast of uniquely-designed hunters, each with their own backstories and alt-forms. Weavel's splitting ability was especially innovative.
  • The environment: The Alimbic architecture looked pretty cool, and I liked the aesthetic feel of the Oubliette.
  • The Imperialist: IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR!
  • Music: Surprisingly, the music didn't drop in quality in this game, and it was as atmospheric as a Metroid game should be (especially when being creepy).
  • First time the Gunship is used as more than a save station.


  • The bosses: The absolute WORST: While the Cretaphid and Slench were KINDA original, but repeating them again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN???!! VARIETY! GIVE US VARIETY!
  • Next to no upgrades: Traditional upgrades - Super Missile, Screw Attack, Space Jump, Grapple Beam, some visor, and 2-3 new suits. Upgrades in Hunters? SEVEN. AND THEY'RE ALL BORING BEAM WEAPONS. The beam upgrades in other Metroid games let you freeze, burn and electrocute your enemies.What do the Hunters weapons let you do? Open doors. Nothing else.
  • Lack of variety in worlds: A fire/desert planet, an ice planet, a space station and an... ice... space station. Frankly, kinda boring.
  • No lock-on system: Made the control scheme MUCH harder when you had to move your stylus over even the tiniest enemies while trying to dodge back and forth.
  • Gunship had so much potential
  • Pointless corridors with NOTHING IN THEM: In the main Primes, even the narrowest corridor hid some sort of upgrade or had SOME piece of scannable information: In Hunters, there were some decent-looking main rooms, but you couldn't go from one to another without having to go through a tiny, entirely featureless hallway that served NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER.

6. Metroid Fusion

7. Metroid:

8. Metroid: Other M:

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