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I joined Wikitroid on 9/18/07. I am a big fan of Metroid. My first Metroid game was Metroid Prime. I am a sysop and a bureaucrat, so feel free to ask me about stuff related to that. I have been here for quite a while.

For personal convenienceEdit

Basically, so I don't have to hunt down the name of an infobox, and I can just come back here and C/P it.

Infobox AreaItemEdit

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Me and MetroidEdit



Short VersionEdit

My first metroid was prime. My favorite is probably Echoes. I own, have played and beaten every game in the series excluding ports or demos (I don't have trilogy, for example, nor do I have the Echoes bonus disc, or Hunters First Hunt). This makes me one of the only current admins, if not THE ONLY current admin to beat the original Metroid for NES (well, the port included with Metroid: Zero Mission, but there isn't really any major differences). I'm OK with Other M (cutscenes too long, but gameplay and controls are fine). I am not familiar with the supplemental mangas.

Long VersionEdit

I first got Metroid Prime because it came with a Wireless Wavebird controller so my dad bought it for me. I really liked the game. Initially, I didn't save before fighting the Parasite Queen and got stuck behind a force field directly behind you at the beginning of the fight because of a wierd glitch, so I had to start over. The next time, I beat the Parasite Queen, and the glitch hasn't happened to me since. Later, I got Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid: Zero Mission. After seeing Dark Samus for the first time, I didn't know how to leave the room I was in, and started over. Eventually I figured out I still had Morph Ball and I needed to destroy the acid fruit. In Metroid: Zero Mission, I got stuck at the point where you need to get an Unknown Item and the Power Grip. When I got the Unknown Item, I thought I did something wrong and I was stuck, not knowing that you could destroy the special blocks after getting it. I turned off. I found out about what I was supposed to do in a guide. I later got Metroid Fusion from my dad's friend for $5. I didn't have as much problems with it. I also later got Metroid Prime Hunters. When Super Metroid came out on VC, I bought it. I didn't buy Metroid on VC because of the Metroid Fusion connection bonus and beating Metroid ZM gives you it. I got Metroid Prime 3: Corruption by preordering it and got it in September 2007.

Just me ranting here. Metroid isn't as hard as people think it is. Honestly, it isn't. It is only because you are trying to fight the bosses BEFORE getting most power-ups. And because you have yet to figure out that the maps are similar to those of MZM. Though you do need to farm for hours on end. I just went through it via MZM with only two deaths. One was at Mother Brain. The other was ludicrously cheap. I fell into one of those stupid lava pits that you are unable to jump high enough to escape from in Norfair. OK, I also beat the game with no deaths except to the stupid Norfair lava pits. Other than Mother Brain, Kraid, and Norfair's cheapness, it isn't hard. Ridley is actually pathetically easy with Ice Beam, and I recommend killing him first.

Metroid Prime Pinball is awesome. That is all.

Metroid Other M. The controversial one. Yes. I mostly liked it. However, I know that Samus was like telling a story the entire time or thinking to herself, but she needs to shut up. Though one of the better parts was figuring out that I was fighting Nightmare. In my head I went "Wait, extreme gravity? Controlled by a floating robo... Oh crap." In sheer horror I said to my TV, "NIGHTMARE!"

I know a ton about the games. However, when it comes to supplemental mangas and the like, I know close to nothing. I've read the manga that gives Samus' backstory, and that is it.

Metroid Prime Hunters Info Edit

lol, none of this really matters, I can't get on the internet with DS games. Only 3DS. (With the exception of Pokemon White for some reason.)

  • Name: N00bSlayer
  • Favorite Hunter: Sylux

Games CompletedEdit

  • Metroid Prime 3 (Normal, Veteran, Hyper)(Best item percentage 100%)
  • metroid 2
  • Metroid Prime (Normal, Hard) (100%)
  • Metroid Prime 2 (Normal, Hard) (100%)
  • Super Metroid (VC)
  • Metroid Zero Mission (All difficulty levels) (6 endings) (Best Item percentage 100%)
  • Metroid Fusion (4 Endings seen) (Best Time 1 hour and 55 minutes)
  • Metroid Prime Hunters (Both Endings) (100% Items/Logbook)
  • Metroid Prime Pinball (Normal)
  • Metroid (ZM Unlockable) (no codes, 1 Death)
  • Metroid: Other M: (Normal 100%) (Hard)

To Do ListEdit

  • Add infoboxes to articles that lack them. (someone else can do them, I might get back to this later)
  • Not-Prime Items by area (Outlines complete)
  • Add info on prime, echoes, and corruption sequence breaking/glitches (LATER)
  • Take information from the hacked demo here and add info to articles
  • Correcting use of periods in captions. (Only use them in complete sentences)
  • Add Categories to articles.
  • Expand Stubs

Notes to self for laterEdit

this image for when I get to that point

My HistoryEdit

I came here after a lot of Wikipedia's Metroid articles were deleted (I suspect some were moved here, judging from the history of the creature lists). I started editing after I beat Metroid Prime 3. Eventually I became an admin alongside FastLizard4.

Admittedly, I was a bit overdramatic in my early days.

Funniest Quotes on the Wiki of all timeEdit

"... because I believe Halo is equal to Metroid..."

- GF Remnant

Don't get it. Think about it. Here is a hint: equal.

"All goverments are corrupt. It is all a matter of degree..."



-A mysterious Wikitroid user who isn't that mysterious at all.

"Unused fanart, possibly for fanart purposes."

-TheMG, when incredibly tired

^Note from FastLizard4: I hereby proclaim the above to be Schrödinger's deletion rationale.

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  • My youtube channel: doesn't really have much, aside from a couple of VGM playlists for listening to.

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