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Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Gunship Unknown
Main weapon Arm Cannon with military-grade upgrades
Alt form I just crawl
Hair Brown with blond streaks
Eye color Brown
Affiliation NIWA SmashWiki
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☣ RAGE ☣ (code, based on [1])

RoyboyX (also known as Roy, Royboy and RBX) is a Wikitroid user with a strong respect for Samus Aran. I have the highest edit count and largest number of creations (counting categories, disambiguation pages and templates) of any user on the wiki. I'm the reason there's nothing much to do these days. I've played every game in some form or another countless times and consider myself a "Metroidologist", or Metroid historian. I'm a former administrator and patroller and currently a rollbacker. I'm also approved to use AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) and am a member of the trusted usergroup, which means my edits are autopatrolled.


With the help of my co-workers here on Wikitroid I have made many changes to the wiki. My first notable accomplishment was probably the C&C Policy and extermination of the red links before Other M 's release, though I wasn't exactly professional at the time.

  • Implementing the C&C Policy and extermination of the redlinks prior to the release of Metroid: Other M.
  • I saw to the deletion of the bestiary categories and grandfathered fanon pages.
  • I created a lot of talkheaders.
  • I exterminated the Stubs, which were once as vast in numbers as the Metroids, prior to the 25th anniversary of the series.
  • I helped to pass the Notability RfC and create new guidelines for article deletion.
  • I have repeatedly destroyed the uncategorized and unused files.
  • I passed several policies including No Personal Attacks, You Are Valuable, Use Common Sense, Only Revert Once and Sign your comments.
  • I slowly began implementing the Showhide template.
  • I exterminated the Articles in need of cleanup prior to Q3 2014 (killing the In-universe articles written in the out-of-universe perspective, or Battleguides in one whole day), which necessitated purchasing Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide.
  • I also exterminated the core Pages in need of images, which necessitated purchasing the Men in Black 3 iOS game and the Japanese version of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
  • I finally set my sights on adding data to the Articles in need of data in a week.
  • I saw to the removal of the Unknown Name System and replacing it with a Conjectural Title System

As of September 2015, there are still more things to do. There are some new articles needing images, which I will help to the best of my ability. I have a long queue of new article ideas. Coverage of the final two Metroid EX chapters needs to be handled as they release, and preparations need to be made for Metroid Prime: Federation Force, both for its release date in 2016, and any information that is released before.



Suit up 2


As far as real life work goes, I'm studying to become a private investigator. In addition to Wikitroid I am an achievement hunter, amateur chef, housekeeper, occasional tweeter and YouTuber and item collector.

On Wikitroid, I am an offbeat but reliable user, with over 45,000 edits logged. Before I became an admin I was granted the right of rollback. Even if I don't make an edit I do browse the site regularly to ensure that I don't have to brutally murder helpless vandals miss anything important. When it comes to Wikia editing I am pretty knowing after six or so years, but some things I'm not extremely experienced with, like writing reflists or coding templates from scratch.




Sprites done by Infinity's End (yes, I did replace the head on the Zero Suit)


Metroid Other M Screaming04:13

Metroid Other M Screaming

Not to be confused with my guestbook below; this is where I show off all my signatures past and present.



RoyboyX (this one I borrowed from HK.)














Game LogEdit


I saved this image right before its deletion. For some reason I wasn't able to let it go. Reminded me of the good times.

This section lists my progress in all games and what I think of them.

  • Metroid - beat countless times. Could rarely beat without Narpas Sword.
  • Metroid II - I liked the game, but it needs an update. I recently played through it, and finished it. Heartwarming ending with Samus becoming a "mother". DoctorM64, may you finish AM2R without a cease and desist.
  • Super Metroid - guffaw... guffaw... BEST. GAME. EVER. Beat countless times and still is not enough. Best game in the series.
  • Fusion - I liked the game, but didn't like its non-linearity, the difficulty of the bosses (YAKUZA!!!!!), and the fact that SA-X could kill you instantly. Oh and the lack of a sequel.
  • Zero Mission - I like this game too, but I can't help but wish it were longer. Maybe add in Maridia and other areas of Zebes. A suitless Samus sequence! But I didn't really like the first incarnation of the Zero Suit, especially the hair, but it's grown on me. Just, no hooker wedge heels, okay?
  • Prime - first played GCN, and countless more times in Trilogy. Trilogy certainly makes the controls better, though I did play GCN again in 2014. Best next to Super Metroid.
  • Echoes Bonus Disc - I have it as part of my GC MP1 copy. Like how the Dark and Light Beams are obtained early, but too short, even if it is a demo. First time I wasted my Light Beam ammo.
  • Echoes - I didn't enjoy it as much as the two others, but I do like it. I have found myself contributing a lot to the MP2 content on this wiki, due to the Luminoth's extensive amounts of technology and cultural works. I originally started on GameCube but when Trilogy was nearing release I halted progress. Still have the save data so I may take it up again. I completed an Aether navigation project. Samus looks bad in this game, compared to other games. Could've had ZM connectivity. Beat MP2, get Zebes multiplayer stage and Zero Suit for use ingame, and beat ZM, get Metroid II unlocked for play.
  • Corruption - I loved it. Have beaten numerous times. I did the original but like 2, Trilogy was nearing release so I halted progress. Not going to take this up again since I can no longer 100% with Friend Vouchers.
  • First Hunt - I mistakenly bought this and the puzzles were too hard, so I traded it in for the real game.
  • Hunters - I beat it after numerous deaths (mostly on the escape sequences). Controls sucked and the Hunters/Gardens made for 16 deaths.
  • Pinball - Hella hella hard. No Chozo Ruins table. But last I played I was the top scorer in the world. No joke. Not sure if I can check anymore.
  • Trilogy - Got it on the first day, keeping it in excellent condition, collecting credits and currently navigating Tallon IV. Currently stored in my collection when in late 2013 I beat Corruption on Hypermode for the first and only time (with surprisingly few deaths). Can't kill Ice Troopers with Missiles and no Sequence Breaking is possible anymore, not that I could do it. MP3 door loading takes 3 years!
  • Other M - I liked it. It's not Super or Prime but it did not kill my love for Samus. Intense action sequences, I like that many of the appearances of things resemble that of Super Metroid (gives me the classic feel), a recreation of the best ending in video game history. Controls were meh... maybe someone will mod the game so you can play it with a Nunchuk. I had superhuge nerdgasms when I saw that Nightmare, the Queen Metroid and Phantoon were bosses. None of them had their old themes though :(. And while I respect the PTSD scene and agree that she didn't need fucking wedge heels, apart from the Sector Zero scene Samus's relationship with Adam (the focus of an article I'm quite proud of) is not sexist at all. It's a realistic depiction of a freelance agent working with a command officer. And she does rebel.
  • Smash Bros. - it's out on VC and I got it. I have it on computer emulator too. I can't really master the controls. When Samus is shocked out of her suit she's just a dumb naked silver polygon. But there is a GameShark code that lets you play as this Samus. If you know what it is, GIMME IT BITCH.
  • Melee - I always play it at my friend's house. We play this and I will kick your ass. Just wish they maybe introduced armorless Samus somehow, made Ridley playable.
  • Brawl - I do well with Zelda and Samus as with Melee. I still maintain that Tabuu is the most difficult boss I have ever faced in a video game.
  • Smash 4 - I like how Sakurai made Samus and Zamus look like MOM but still hold elements of their classic appearances. Sobbing that Dark Samus is an Assist Trophy and Ridley a possible stage hazard.

Manga LogEdit

Samus 2 --fanart--

I'll help her out of that, make sure she doesn't trip... ;)

  • 1986 manga - Loved it. Very funny. Wrote the whole plot on the page.
  • Nintendo Comics System and Captain N - Meh, they were okay. I found it funny when Big Time got his ass kicked.
  • SM Comic - Blech, too different from the game. Why TF would Ridley flee? Tactical retreat my ass. Ending was mutilated. Rather than get epically killed by a giant brain, the hatchling got shot by every cliche donut-eating fat cop ever.
  • Shonen Oh! Manga - Again, hilarious. Especially the one where she gets electrocuted.
  • Samus and Joey - Sort of kiddy (not really. Cussing!), but I read it anyway. I always looked forward to the next chapter to see how physics would be brutally murdered this time.
  • Metroid EX - Physics, schmysics. The conclusion should be awesome.
  • MP1 Comic - Thardus in Chozo Ruins? Having the visors early? But it was cool to see Metroids aboard the Orpheon. Pretty inconsistent overall.
  • Episode of Aether - Three chapters and like so far. We waited over three years for the last chapter (I'm not mad, it's extremely rare) and it was disheartening to see the survivors from the initial invasion lying dead when Samus returned from Dark Aether. I guess she's not allowed to have friends.
  • Metroid 2002 manga - I haven't really gotten into reading this beyond specific points, for articles. Seems random and soapy.


My fanon creations have been moved here: [2]. You can also see my expansive collection of drawings there. I have finished Metroid: Avenger there with TerrorDactyl and The Exterminator, and was working on a sequel but it was shit so I stopped.

Go to my user blog to see my story Metroid Dread.

I've written novels on Other M, Metroid II, Fusion, Zero Mission, Prime, Hunters and an Echoes will not be finished.


Metroid vs. Battletoads in the works?

Samus Aran: The Girl in ArmorEdit

Map Station Samus

Beautiful fanart picture, thanks Metroid Map Station! :D

Like MDb's The Woman Behind the Visor feature, but on the history of armorless Samus.

In the original Metroid, Samus was thought to be a man, cyborg or robot. Even the English instruction manual said that, as did the 1986 manga and later, Samus and Joey. However, unless you were smart enough to know that Samus was the female variant for Seamus, you had to beat Metroid in under an hour to find out the true identity of Samus. A woman. If Metroid was cleared fast enough, Samus would strip down to a pink bikini, let her long hair down and wave to you before the credits rolled. And, the bonus was, if you pressed start at the end of the credits, you could play as Samus in this armorless form, and she would be just as strong. If you cleared the game with armorless Samus in under an hour, you would see her strip down to an even more revealing bikini, which was favored by schoolboys (such as me).

Later on, the infamous JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------ password was discovered, and Samus spawned armorless in Norfair with Ridley and Kraid zapped and Tourian open for invasion. This was thought to be the only password that let you play as armorless Samus, but then the password 000000 000020 000000 000020 was discovered, and small symbols were placed next to passwords to tell you if you would be playing armorless or armored.

Unfortch, the passwords were taken out of the rest of the Metroid games. While this pleased many, it also disappointed those who like to play as Samus in a bathing suit. Thus, armorless Samus was limited to appearing in the best endings of the next two games, Metroid II and Super Metroid, and the game over in Super, as well as ROM hacks published of both games. Because Nintendo was too busy with Mario and Zelda to make the first 3-D Metroid and stop the endless Dread rumors from ever happening, the next Metroid game would not come until eight years later. During this time, Samus appeared in the two Super Smash Bros. installments, but except for a reflection in her congrats! screen, a brief second of a nude, silver body and a trophy that could not be obtained without hacking, armorless Samus was nowhere to be seen as playable in Smash Bros. Not even an alternate costume. *kicks ass of Nintendo*

After eight years, Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion were released in 2002. Despite everyone's deepest wishes, armorless Samus was restricted to the game over of Fusion and the 100% endings of both games. It seemed that she was never coming back. Until Metroid Zero Mission two years later.

In this game, a remake of the first Metroid, Samus was shot down after killing Mother Brain, and she was forced to invade the Pirate's mothership, with only her wits, agility and a shocking gun to defend her. Later, she found the Varia Suit that holds the trademark round shoulder pads introduced in Metroid II and featured in every game since. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, released the same year, also had the Zero Suit as part of the 100% ending. If they'd added Zero Mission connectivity I'd say they could have made the Zero Suit an unlockable cosmetic recolor, much like the Fusion Suit in the original Prime. Echoes was the odd one out with the extras.

Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption featured the Zero Suit as well. In Corruption, the Zero Suit was featured in the introduction, a cutscene played after the defeat of the Mogenar boss and the 100% ending, which also featured a mysterious starship believed to be Sylux's Delano 7. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, released a year after Corruption, Samus was finally able to shed her armor and show us what she could do. Clad in her Zero Suit and armed with her Zero Mission Paralyzer and a new electric whip designed for Brawl, armorless Samus finally made her debut in Smash Bros., even if she wasn't as strong, or her outfit wasn't as sexy as we wished. Her alternate colors were based on the endings for Echoes, Fusion, Metroid, Super and her clothing from Captain N: The Game Master.

Metroid: Other M featured the Zero Suit in the opening sequence (similar to Corruption), and in the cutscene before Ridley's battle as well as for the entire Sector Zero cutscene. She last appeared suitless at the end, taking her suit off to hold Adam's helmet, which she had come back for. Thankfully, Sakamoto listened to people who wanted to use the Zero Suit again (I knew the art folio was foreshadowing!) and once again allowed us to play the Zero Suit, but this time in 3D. She once again uses the stun pistol, now known under its name from Brawl, the Paralyzer, and escapes the Bottle Ship holding her commander's helmet. She may not have retained her Energy Tanks like in Zero Mission, but she can now charge the Paralyzer herself without waiting, is much more agile, takes far less damage and trades crawling for sliding under closing gates, Indiana Jones style. Because of that, I don't care that the game has no ending.


This user has the hotz for Samus... ;) Metroidzero05

Metroid small This user thinks the Baby Metroid is soooooooooo cute!! :D

Random factsEdit

  • Piratehunter used to call me Edward Cullen.
  • My name is Roy (duh).
  • I cannot fluently speak any language other than English, yet I am interested in learning Japanese.
  • The Italian version of Wikitroid's skin before Monaco died reminded me of pasta sauce :D.
  • GloZell knows I exist [3]
  • I got scarred me for life as a kid. Even now that I'm an adult I still look behind my shoulder and expect to see Maleficent's shadow illuminated on a wall or something. In honor of that, I need to get a wall of bricks and then paint her on and add a light that activates when the other lights are off.
  • I've done my part to take down Kim Kardashian. Have you? If you hate her, SIGN THE PETITION.
  • Mavis Beacon isn't real?!?! #childhoodruined
  • On April 4, 2015, I got the Screw Attack tattooed onto my chest, thereby making me a fan for life.


These are some other quotes that I love.

I have not failed 10,000 times. I have found 10,000 ways that didn't work.

—Thomas Edison

Don't use Comcast.

—Me when Mr. Anon quits out of IRC abruptly.

True loyalty takes years to build, and only seconds to destroy.

—Emily Thorne

You forget what it means to be human, Pious! The human race will NEVER go quietly into the darkness! For as long as you have spent summoning your lord, people have struggled against you! Now, thanks to their efforts, I have three of the Ancients' essences. Now, Pious. This is the end!

—Alexandra Roivas

As I gazed up at the Ancient I had brought into this world to stop Pious, my mistake was made clear. This Ancient could lay the world to ruin just as easily as Pious' would have. And yet, as quickly as it began, it ended. To think, that once I could not see beyond the veil of reality, to see those who dwell behind... I was once a fool.

—Alexandra Roivas


Howdy! Whether you've taken the time to read about me or my fan creations or not, please sign my guestbook!

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Since my gallery was getting rather big for my page I have moved it here: User:RoyboyX/Gallery

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