• AdmiralSakai

    I've been playing though Metroid Other M again. It was, truly, the Metroid series' darkest moment, and the more I look at it the less I like it. So, I've created this- the Metroid: Other M Hall Of Shame, built to showcase the worst aspects of one of those games you can't unplay. I welcome anyone else to name your own categories and submissions. But remember: everything here is a very subjective matter of taste, without a clear factual answer. You have every right to dissent from my selections and those of others, but by the Light of Aether please keep it civil.

    LAMEST CUTSCENE: Adam's Sacrifice. Runner up is the Bottle Ship Arrival scene. That stupid Baby's Cry business.... ugh. But Adam's death was by far the most absolutely horrible bit of o…

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