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  • Amyroselove

    Remember Months Ago

    October 20, 2011 by Amyroselove

    Hey Guys! :D

    Do you remember months ago I asked for help for my wiki? Well I just wanted you guys to know my wiki looks a 100,000,000 times better than what I first showed you guys! XD

    When I first showed you guys it had like 15 pages right? Well now it has over 200 pages! and it looks professional!

    I'm still really only working on it by myself... But I do have one person helping me. :)

    If you want to join and help my wiki now I'd be so happy! :D Here's a link! If you don't want to join understand. But if you join I'm not saying you have to do it all the time! I don't mind if you just make 1 or 2 edits! :)

    All that I ask is that you check it out and tell me what you guys think of my wiki! :D Lily the Girl who Loves Anime & Manga 20:07, October 20…

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  • Amyroselove

    Hey everyone! ^_^

    I know I don't do this Wiki much. but I was wondering if any of you guys want to help me with my Wiki?

    My Wiki is a Anime & Manga Wiki! so if you like Anime or Manga please join!

    I've asked a LOT of people from other Wikis to help me. but no one really helps. they say I'll help but they don't. so I'm working on the Wiki by myself.

    it's o.k if you don't want to. but Please don't say I'll help and you don't help.

    here is a link

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  • Amyroselove

    What's your favorite Metroid game? mine is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes! I love the 4 player!

    tell me!

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