We now have a new feature which is meant purely for the users! Wiki Blogs has launched, and now user interaction possibilities have expanded. Some great uses for the Blog feature include....

  • Fan fiction and original work
  • Op-eds and personal stories
  • Articles that pose questions and solicit responses
  • Reviews, suggestions or recommendations

User Avatars have also launched, and you can edit your avatar settings by navigating to the User Profile tab on Special:Preferences. You can choose from a selection of existing avatars, or you may upload your own avatar. Note: Uploaded avatars must be at the most 512kb, and must be uploaded in one of these formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP. Also understand that your avatar will be carried with you across all Wikis.

Also, User Mastheads have also launched, which are displayed over the basic editing dashboard at the top of the screen. It provides links to User, User talk, Blog, Contributions, Watchlist, Widget Dashboard, and Preferences. Viewing any of these pages will cause the Masthead to display, and these links will lead to different users depending on whose pages you are viewing.

For instruction on how to operate and interact with this new feature, and for instruction on Mastheads and user avatars, click here for all of the necessary details. Have fun! Please comment with your thoughts on the new addition!

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