• Captain Silver

    The screen illuminated the dark cockpit, as Samus sent me her message. I typed;
    Yes, Samus?
    I need access into the cockpit. Now. We need to destroy the Leviathan.
    The Door is now unlocked.
    Samus walked in shortly. She looked at Johnson, concerned.
    "He's fine, he's just the co-pilot." I told her. Her concerned look melted off her face, as much as I could see through her helmet. I could also see a look of fear and hatred, as she looked at the Leviathan. She looked as though she would do anything to reach it before it hit Aether again.
    She said, "I just don't understand it. I destroyed Phaaze. how could a Leviathan come?"
    "I have absolutely no idea." I replied. She looked up at me.
    "I have an idea." she said.
    "We let it hit, but we make…

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  • Captain Silver
    "They have returned" U-Mos said.
    "What?! But I destroyed Dark Aether!" Samus said.
    "Dark Aether has returned, as well." U-Mos said, bowing his head.
    "HOW?!" asked Samus.
    "A large meteorite impacted in the Agon Region . The meteorite contained a a blue, poisonous chemical which spread, and transformed the plains into wastes again, and evolved into Dark Aether, which split again, as it had, into a light and dark Aether. Now, mutated creatures and the In roam through our home once more." U-Mos explained.
    "Oh No!" said Samus.
    I seemed to have little to do with the discussion, and I was just starting to wonder why Samus had brought me, when;
    "...Captain Silver, would you like to escort Samus and help her on her mission?" asked U-Mos. I knew I wasn't …
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  • Captain Silver

    • Engaging Countdown
    • 10
    • Engines Activate
    • 9
    • Check Ignition
    • 8
    • Charging Ion Cannon
    • 7
    • Gamma Function On
    • 6
    • Loading Primary and Secondary Blasters
    • 5
    • Adjusting Gravity
    • 4
    • Activating Primary and Secondary Heat Shields
    • 3
    • Removing Docking Stabilizer System
    • 2
    • Engaging Liftoff Sequence
    • 1
    • Liftoff Successful
    • 0
    As G.F.M.C.S. Raider-013 left the Docking Bay on the G.F.S. Ares, the largest of the Galactic Federation Fleet, we could see a large, Black and Electric-Blue Meteor shoot past us. Normally, we couldn't forfeit the mission THIS early on, but Admiral Dane told us to go after it, after what happened two months previously.

    "What's it's target, Captain?" a Marine asked me, in a slightly confused voice. "It appears to be heading towards the Planet Aether." I said.…

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