Chapter 03


The screen illuminated the dark cockpit, as Samus sent me her message. I typed;
Yes, Samus?
I need access into the cockpit. Now. We need to destroy the Leviathan.
The Door is now unlocked.
Samus walked in shortly. She looked at Johnson, concerned.
"He's fine, he's just the co-pilot." I told her. Her concerned look melted off her face, as much as I could see through her helmet. I could also see a look of fear and hatred, as she looked at the Leviathan. She looked as though she would do anything to reach it before it hit Aether again.
She said, "I just don't understand it. I destroyed Phaaze. how could a Leviathan come?"
"I have absolutely no idea." I replied. She looked up at me.
"I have an idea." she said.
"We let it hit, but we make sure it can only minimal damage to Aether. Then we take it out as fast as we can, so we make sure it can't cause anymore damage." she explained.
"How are we gonna pull that off?" I asked.
"I have a plan." she said. Then she ran off.
"I hate it when she does that." I said to Johnson.
"What is she going to do?" He asked.
"I honestly don't know." I said.
Me and Johnson saw Samus's Hunter Class Gunship fly to the giant meteorite. "She's insane." I said.
This is far off the subject. But, just to give you an idea about how me and Samus look during this time period, here are some bioscans:
PED beta artwork1

Samus, as she appears in my bioscan.

Corruption Federation Trooper rip

Bioscan of myself.

I walked into the main room. I told all the troopers that there was no reason to panic, and that Samus was taking care of the situation as I spoke.
That was not the situation at all. As a matter of fact, it seemed things couldn't get any worse. The Leviathan was beginning to go crazy, and so Johnson and I had to do some work to keep up. Right before we were about to ask for backup, the Leviathan exploded. Both Johnson and I looked up, shocked. The cockpit was momentarily filled with light. We watched as Samus's ship zoomed in the opposite direction, towards the Docking Bay. We could hear the Marines cheering.

Chapter 04

Log Entry

We have chased the Leviathan straight to the Planet Aether. It was going in a strange pattern, apparently. According to a Luminoth by the name of U-Mos, Leviathans have stuck Aether constantly, and have created some sort of "Dark Twin" of Aether, nicknamed "Dark Aether".Source of Leviathan: Unkown. Leviathan Status: Destroyed. Samus destroyed it for us. She's beendistant lately, but helpful. Speak of the Devil, she's coming now. »TRANSMISSION ENDED«

Under Construction.

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