The Ing

"They have returned" U-Mos said.
"What?! But I destroyed Dark Aether!" Samus said.
"Dark Aether has returned, as well." U-Mos said, bowing his head.
"HOW?!" asked Samus.
"A large meteorite impacted in the Agon Region . The meteorite contained a a blue, poisonous chemical which spread, and transformed the plains into wastes again, and evolved into Dark Aether, which split again, as it had, into a light and dark Aether. Now, mutated creatures and the In roam through our home once more." U-Mos explained.
"Oh No!" said Samus.
I seemed to have little to do with the discussion, and I was just starting to wonder why Samus had brought me, when;
"...Captain Silver, would you like to escort Samus and help her on her mission?" asked U-Mos. I knew I wasn't being given a choice, this was a request. I said;
"Well, does she actually want help?"
Samus told me she needed help. Aether and Dark Aether were difficult world to travel through. I agreed that I would help. I said good-bye to U-Mos, and told Samus I'd see her later, then went back to the cockpit.
The room where all of Squad Kronos was seated was very quiet, as the were probably trying to listen in on the discussion. I noticed PVT. K. White looking at me, as if I was about to tell him everything we were talking about.
"Get back to work, White." I said, and he instantly started working on the holoscreen computer again.
When I reached the cockpit, I saw the sign saying «COCKPIT: CPT A.J. SILVER-CPT D.L. JOHNSON», and entered.
Captain Johnson looked up when I entered, and he said;
"These Leviathans are a bit tricky to chase, Silver," he said, "Can I get some help?"
I sat down in my seat, got adjusted and strapped in, and clenched the steering wheel. The Leviathan was large, about twice as big as our ship.

A Picture of the Leviathan

Ho Boy, we're gonna need A LOT more than lasers... I thought.


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