First blog post! I'm planning a Metroid-themed cosplay for next year's Otakon, in Baltimore. I haven't done a serious cosplay since my first, way back when in high-school. That was the year that they first showed Ordon Link at E3, and I made one of him the day before my first Otakon. (You wouldn't be able to tell though! It looks great!)

I've had another idea in my head for awhile... I'd like to do a Super Metroid styled Torizo statue. I think it would be recognizable enough and pretty popular. The way I hope to approach it would be to wear black clothes/mask underneath to hide my form, then paint all of the body segments onto cardboard and attach them on both sides. Arms and legs would be done twice for each, so it looks convincing on both sides. I might like them to also have attached hinged joints on those parts to get the feel of their movement in the game. I'm thinking it would also help if they were connected (the two sides of cardboard on a single arm, for example), maybe by string or wire.

Other (outlandish) ideas include some crazy ruminations such as LEDs and functional beak with a pulley system. I'm a pretty good painter, so that part should be easy. Just needs the effort to be put into it, now.

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