Hey, guys. Been a while. Wrapping up my animation degree at the moment, but I thought I'd share my current affairs with you all. I've been working on a Ridley costume for this year in the style of my previous ones. (10.5 - 11 feet ...To scale with Samus.) It received a research grant for $500 and will be shown in the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers Camden this upcoming month, along with photography of the costumes and the earlier two costumes will be shown at the gallery's reception. Took some new shots of Ridley at an abandoned pool today, but I can't show them quite yet. Probably after the thesis show reception.

You can look at some in-progress shots and updates on what my costumes have been up to on my dA page, here:

I'd also like to recommend a friend of mine who just got in Nintendo Power for her beautiful Luminoth costume! She's also creating a Gold Torizo based on my old designs and it really looks sick:

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