I don't know about my mission log. It seems kinda boring and unimaginative. Actually, the first few were good, but after that...meh. No, it wasn't meh. They just plain suck. I like the story arc too much though. I can't just stop. What am I to do? Make a movie?

Amorbisdk concept2 Maybe I should just bury it all...

Sigh...I can't even finish my current mission...maybe I'll just end it now.


...missed. just my luck. That poor dog.

69318 2 Maybe I should go into a different line of work.

I feel better today at least! I still kinda feel bad about that dog, though...


How can you be pro life and pro war, man?...Peace out dude.


Passing out water to marathoners is harder than it looks. It fatigues you like nothing you've ever known. Especially at 6:00 AM. At 31 degrees. For 6 hours...

Oh, right, I forgot! It's 10.18.09 at the time of this post (under the line.)