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  • Dialgaofpower

    My name for US 4

    August 13, 2013 by Dialgaofpower

    You know bob? Yeah, well, he has competition.

    To be exact, this guy.

    Beta Acid.

    Yes, it's that liquid that lurks in Tourian after the self destruct sequence.  It can damage even the Gravity Suit, and is sometimes referred to as the same acid in SR388.  But as the title would suggest, I have a name:


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  • Dialgaofpower

    This is where I post a ton of things regarding my opinions on metroid theories.  Captian obvious FTW.  You can comment on what theories you think are true or false.

    The Spider Ball, in the Metroid Prime games, can stick to all Magnetic surfaces or "Spider ball tracks".  So that already proves my point; the spider ball is extremley magnetic.  "But SR388 has no magnet rails to stick on to!" is a wrong statement, because SR388 is completley magnetic.

    The X Parasites can mimic anything that is weak enough or isn't a Metroid, Partially or fully.  Ridley is not one of those things that the X parasites can mimic because he is strong enough to control the X even if he is infected. Samus needs a ton of powerups just to survive a ton of dangers, and t…

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