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  • Hellkaiserryo12

    Hello wikitroidians, it's that time of year again! Yes it's Hellkaiserryo12's Special Annual Coverage of the Nintendo Electronic Entertainent Expo Carnival of Video Gaming - Festival!!

    With E3 round the corner, here is a place to discuss all of Nintendo's showcase this year, announcements and also anything you're hoping for!

    The first of Nintendo's plans for E3 is the Smash World Championship, which will air on the 14th. This is also the date that Lucas is being added as a dlc character for SSB4.

    Nintendo will be hosting another of their Nintendo Directs, which will stream on the 16th at 9AM PT (5pm bst), followed by a Nintendo Treehouse Event which will announce even more games.

    Zelda Wii U will not be shown this year, instead new games and o…

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  • Hellkaiserryo12

    I've noticed Nintendo doing a little bit of Metroid promo recently. For example:

    • The Metroid Prime Trilogy being put on the Wii U shop for a bargain price recently, and promoted. (30th Jan) [1]
    • Metroid Zero Mission finally being put on the Wii U virtual console! (13th March) [2]
    • Most interestingly (perhaps) is Nintendo bringing back the minute debate on youtube with Metroid Prime vs Super Metroid on their youtube channel [3]

    Given that Majora was repeatedly hinted at prior to the announcement of the 3d remake, its not ridiculous that Nintendo would hint at the return of the Metroid franchise. Thoughts? HellKaiserryo12 (Talk•Contribs) 17:03, March 13, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Hellkaiserryo12


    February 4, 2015 by Hellkaiserryo12

    Someone made a mmd video from the trilogy models, luv this vid

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  • Hellkaiserryo12

    I thought I would make a post for this year's e3 as I did for the press conference last year. Well, I'm saying e3 but nintendo is doing a Nintendo Direct release once again instead. Looks like they have released some trailers for games already announced today, which you can see here: [1]

    Many rumours of new titles to be announced include the new zelda wii u, a star fox game, majoras make remake, and a metroid game. In addition Retro Studio's project that they have been working on since possibly as early as November. Most likely we more will receive more Smash Bros. info, along with the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I have read several website articles that predict a Metroid game, some even thinking Metroid II may be remade in some f…

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  • Hellkaiserryo12

    For those that don't know, there will be a Nintendo conference tomorrow at 3pm BST, x

    They're planning to unveil several new Wii U games, people have rumoured that a new Metroid game may be shown (Other M came out in 2010). Do you think Nintendo will announce a new Metroid game? what would you like to see from such a title? Also, Retro Studies have been working on a new project that has been speculated to be a Zelda, Star Fox, or Metroid game, or maybe even a new IP.

    "Nintendo recently confirmed plans to unveil a new 3D Mario title during the presentation, as well as Mario Kart and the next game in the Smash Bros series.", obviously a Smash game would be featuring Samus, so what new elements from the Metroid series should be included in the …

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