Hello wikitroidians, it's that time of year again! Yes it's Hellkaiserryo12's Special Annual Coverage of the Nintendo Electronic Entertainent Expo Carnival of Video Gaming - Festival!!

With E3 round the corner, here is a place to discuss all of Nintendo's showcase this year, announcements and also anything you're hoping for!

The first of Nintendo's plans for E3 is the Smash World Championship, which will air on the 14th. This is also the date that Lucas is being added as a dlc character for SSB4.

Nintendo will be hosting another of their Nintendo Directs, which will stream on the 16th at 9AM PT (5pm bst), followed by a Nintendo Treehouse Event which will announce even more games.

Zelda Wii U will not be shown this year, instead new games and other previously announced games will be featured. We can probably expect to see Mario Maker for Wii U and the new Star Fox game.

Who knows what this years E3 holds for the Metroid franchise. There have been some 'hints' at a new installment in the series like there were with Majora's mask, but we can't be certain. We do know that Retro Studios went on a hiring spree and are possibly building a new engine for a Wii U game. Alongside this, a new Metroid game is heavily rumoured and it has been 5 years since Other M, the series' 30th anniversary is next year as well. The stars are aligned.. but then again who knows! Let me know what else you're hoping to see this year at E3 and what kind of Metroid title you think may be on its way!

UPDATE: (14th June) New 3DS game announced called 'Blast Ball', many journalists have compared its visual style (HUD and FPS style) to Metroid Prime Hunters. [1]

In addition, the World Championships featured Super Metroid as one of the rounds. Participants had to fight Mother Brain and escape Zebes, with the first to do so being the winner. The reaction of the audience when Super Metroid was revealed was particularly impressive. [2]

UPDATE: (16th June) Tune in to Nintendo Direct at 9AM PT / 5PM BST for new announcements!! [3]

NEW METROID REVEALED!! METROID PRIME: FEDERATION FORCE, multiplayer battles as federation soldiers in the Metroid Universe. [4]

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