For those that don't know, there will be a Nintendo conference tomorrow at 3pm BST, x

They're planning to unveil several new Wii U games, people have rumoured that a new Metroid game may be shown (Other M came out in 2010). Do you think Nintendo will announce a new Metroid game? what would you like to see from such a title? Also, Retro Studies have been working on a new project that has been speculated to be a Zelda, Star Fox, or Metroid game, or maybe even a new IP.

"Nintendo recently confirmed plans to unveil a new 3D Mario title during the presentation, as well as Mario Kart and the next game in the Smash Bros series.", obviously a Smash game would be featuring Samus, so what new elements from the Metroid series should be included in the new game? Ridley or Dark Samus as playable characters? Should Zero Suit Samus be removed as a playable character?

Okay so it looks like Retro was working on another Donkey Kong. No Metroid related news, however it looks like Samus will be in her Other M attire for smash bros! No Metroid stages shown (although there were some from Animal Crossing and Skyward Sword), but I managed to get a few snaps. Also it looks like final smashes are retained and her character animation seems to be similar to the previous titles, most changes seem aesthetic.

Below is a gallery of the pictures.

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