Trocra Mph powerbomb Mph powerbomb2

I would like to make this clear. The statement about the model below is false:

An unused model for a Power Bomb exists in the game's data, but is not found in-game.

Unused? Not found in-game? Really? Well, no, the model is actually a Trocra and is used in-game — there are factors of this:

  • Due to its file name, "PowerBomb_Model", the model was originally supposed to be a Power Bomb.
  • The model is found in one of the rooms of the Oubliette, where you fight the Gorea's first form.

I have played through Metroid Prime Hunters and I've seen the said model. When you are researching for models in MPH and seen this model for the first time, don't even think that it is an "unused" model and never been found in the game; look at the models found in the game-code and play through the entire single-player game to see whether the models are used or not.