• Lorgassssssss

    Ok.Game Progress:#1 Progress:MP3:Bryyo Seed Guardian Boss Battle.#2 Progress:MP2:Bomb Guardian Boss Battle.#1:MP1:Chozo Ruins.(Pathetic,I Know,Right?)#1/0:MPH:Archives Visit 1/Escape!(I Can't Find The Exit Of ONE OF The Data Shines!!!!)Ok,Now That THATS Out Of The Way,9 MORE DAYS 'TILL METROID:OTHER M IS AVALIBLE AT NON-INTERNET RETAILERS(Basicly,Its In Stores) IN NA(Including Maine.)!!!!! I Have Been WAITING FROM (I Dunno,Maybe,June???)!!!!Ok,JUST Started Playing MPH On my Save File (7% Progress.I Hate You,MPH's Difficulty.).MPH Intro Movie=PURE AWSOMENESS!!!! I Can't Play Multi/Online With Nintendo Wifi,My Parents Mom Won't Let Me.'Sides,My House Doesn't Have Wifi.(If Im Not On,Here Are The Reasons:Blackout(Very Rare,Only 2 I Can Remember…

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