• I live in Bryyo Seed
  • My occupation is Guarding the Bryyo Phazon Core from intruders.
  • I am Genderless.
  • LucasFan

    Wikia's silly cropping

    September 4, 2013 by LucasFan

    Oh Wikia, how can you be silly about cropping? I've had to resize my avatar image to 275 x 305 due to cropping issues with the left foot being cut a bit.

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  • LucasFan

    First Post...

    March 30, 2011 by LucasFan

    Well....This is my first post.

    I've come down with sore throat, so I'm staying home for a few days. Back at school by Friday(MAYBE! Could be monday if Sore throat STILL EXISTS.)

    By the way....

    I forgot the series for a long time. Bare with me if I make stupid stuff.

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