My Metroid Story

My metroid story goes like this: when i am very young (like 3-5) my dad brings me to a gamestop to look around. on the demo display i see a gamecube i go up to it, interested and start to play it. the game that was there is nonother than Metroid Pime baby!. being young i dont know how to play and being this game is a first-person shooter i was even more confusded, so when i found the morph ball i found myself rolling around cause it was easier than playing a FPS. I didn't get far,i left of at the begining of the Frigite Orpheon (where you have to shoot the sheild things) and we had to leave. I asked him about it and he only told me a little bit like what the game was called (being a partent he doesn't know much about games XD) after playing that and having fun shooting the arm cannon as fast as i could i got hooked to the metroid series. My first metroid game(s) are Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission. it was awsome. and like when the origional metroid first came out i thought that samus (i called "him" metroid at the time) was a guy, until i died... and the suit came off. sadly these are the only metroid games i own (now only fusion, i lost zero mission, but i do have it via emulator) and as a huge metroid fan i think this bad to not have the other games. but i have a wii and wanted to get Corruption but my dad made me but star wars the force unleashed instead cause it was cheaper. don't get me wrong, SW:TFU is a great game, but i still would have prefered corruption.



it might have been a good thing i didn't get corruptuion though cause Metroid prime trilogy then came out. Sadly again i didn't get it. but i am planning to get this on my upcoming birthday via ebay. hopefully i can find a collectors edition of trilogy on ebay around my birthday time. (XD wish me luck, i saw one for $50 but the sale was ending in like a day)

So yeah, i have been a really big metroid fan though only owning a few instalments.

My introduction to the world of games and my life as a gamer started with the most epic game series ever:


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