• Mea quidem sententia

    In Super Metroid, Samus' shinespark and missiles travel at the same speed, although the missiles gain a boost in speed after about 1 second. For this reason, I will assume Samus' missiles travel at Mach 1.2, or 411.6 m/s.

    In Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus' arm cannon is pointing outward horizontally. She's 1.98 m. I checked the pixels for Samus in MZM, so 1.98 m. is equal to 81 pixels. The bottom of the tip of Samus' arm cannon to the ground is 53 pixels.

    • 53 pixels / 81 pixels = 0.6543, or 65.43%
    • 1.98 m. * 0.6543 = 1.296 m.

    With this in mind, I will use the equation, g = 2(viyt - Δy) / t², where g is gravity, viy is the initial velocity for the y axis, t is time, Δy is change in initial height divided by time squared. Because the initial velocity …

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  • Mea quidem sententia
    • Samus Aran is 90 kilograms.
    • The Speed Booster allows Samus to run at supersonic speeds. The low-end is Mach 1.2.
    • At sea level, the speed of sound travels at 343 m/s.
    • 343 m/s * 1.2 = 411.6 m/s.
    • Using different formulae, we can learn how many joules Samus would produce, the TNT equivalent, the newtons, and the g-force.

    • The equation for kinetic energy is KE = 0.5 mv^2.
    • KE = 0.5 * (90 kg.)(411.6 m/s)^2
    • KE = 0.5 * (90 kg.)(169,414.56 m^2/s^2)
    • KE = 0.5 * 15,247,310.4 kg. m^2/s^2
    • KE = 7,623,655.2 J

    • 1 gram of TNT is equal to 4,184 J.
    • 1 ton of TNT is equal to 4,184,000,000 J.
    • Because the amount of joules produced from Samus when she dashes at supersonic speeds is smaller, she won't be producing the equivalent of even 1 ton of TNT.
    • If 1 gram of TNT is equal to 4…

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