Okay i'm beginning a blog on this website about my "non-social life" XD ...

Here is an intro to what things may come

1) Any form of douchebaginess on youtube

2) Good music (REAL) I suggest you to hear

3) Good Mash-ups (Both Video Game/Real) I suggest you to hear

4) Mash-Ups I'm making

5) Just random thoughts

Editing Wars 1

Who is Fighting?:RoyboyX vs. RAN1

What are they Fighting Over: TP deletion vs. TP keep

What I think it is: Freedom of Speech (democracy) vs. "Leaders" I say so! (dictatorship)

(This Blog is written in a way to support my opinion not their edit "fight", If I seem to be attacking someone I don't mean it because I am exaggerating it)

What Happened?: RBX deleted the TP article

Result in RBX Support: RAN1 keeps messaging RBX about his recent bad "behaviour". Why is his behaviour bad you ask... Well RBX deleted a AfD discussion. RAN1\Chozoboy wanted to keep the article... RBX, Me and others didn't think so. Now RAN1 decided to tell RBX that he has been acting in a non-metroid wikia behaviour. So then what is the Metroid Wikia Behaviour? Apparently it is to only think of your opinion and not pay attention to others. He told RBX to not make this wikia a democratic wikia. So then what do we do? Make it a Dictatorship or a Lord of the Flies wikia? Do you want to only listen to one admins opinion or just fight for power... or would you rather talk about your own opinions and make an agreement at what should be done right to make our wikia better. So basically in my opinion RBX represents Democracy and RAN1 represents Lord of the Flies.

Result in RAN1 Support: RBX keeps on attacking people who don't agree with them. RBX has been recently Desysoped due to his actions of only agreeing on his opinion alone and has not been paying attention to the "bigger picture" and other people's opinion. So far RBX is acting in a non-civil way and severe consequences were preformed. In my opinion RAN1 represents as a Peaceful Debate while RBX represents War

Now answer these questions. (Please don't make another fight by saying really mean things)

1) Who do you think is the winner of this "fight"?

2) What is your opinion of the original fight?

3) What is your opinion of my representation of the fight?

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