I was thinking of making a metroid movie before... but I then thought up that it'll make a better television series. Since Tucker is making a movie for it... I'll lay off and let him do his own thing. However I'll help him when he makes it.


Every movie or television show needs a badass soundtrack

Face Up by LIGHTS

thumb|300px|rightThis song is going to fit into the storyline of a Post: K-2L Incident, where Samus is the only survivor and the Chozo take her as a refugee. Just listen to it, it WILL make you stronger in life (similar to Samus getting stronger after the K-2L incident). The songs intergalactic pop synth totally fits into Metroid's sci-fiction theme (the song also vaguely sounds like Brinstar Red Soil Area). Plus, if you listen to this song in the rain... it will impact you in an instant second which is something you want for a movie! However some songs are meant for the soundtrack only, and this is one!

Why it fits in

The lyrics of the song is probably what the Chozo is saying to Samus after the K-2L incident. The lyrics are stating that you can't just let your emotions take over, you have to pick yourself up and grow stronger by overcoming it. This represents Samus being traumatized by the death of her parents and also her being the only survivor of the raid, but after the event Samus becomes stronger and turns into the Space Warrior!!

Born Free by M.I.A

This song is going to fit into Samus basically attacking the Space Pirates. A song about Human Rights with Alternative Rock backgrounds ...thumb|300px|right|WARNING: Contains Mature Language wait ... that pretty much will fit into the Metroid Universe!! Just think about it, going into a movie theatre waiting for your movie to start because your sick of tired of commercials, but now the trailer segments begin... and this song is playing with a woman in a cybernetic suit beating the crap out of aliens. That will attract the attention of the audience will put them into AWE!

Why it fits in

Well, being about Human Rights and being to do whatever you want and being a total rebel... Doesn't that sound familiar? If not, I suggest you to go back to Fusion. Also it also reminds me of Sylux and the Space Pirates and at how they are being a total rebel to the "Bad Guys", however the Pirates are bad too, but Sylux might not be evil.

Wavin' Flag by K'NAAN/K'NAAN ft. & David Gueeta/Young Artists for Haiti

There are like a billion versions to song so that is way there are 4 different names at the top. This song will portray the scenes where Samus (Get on it later)

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