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    Note: "I will update this blog from time to time to tell you how the game is progressing.

    Date of this post:6/21/10

    Well folks, Metroid Prime Hunters 2: Dark Outcast is officially under development. This game will use the engine used by Spore Galactic Adventures, a simulation type game created by Maxis. This game will be created by Metroid Master (that's me) and another one of my friends who owns Spore Galactic Adventures. This game is noncanon and will take place after the events of Metroid Fusion. If you like this or have any questions ask me on my talk page. Metroid Master

    Date of this post: 7/2/10

    I would like to give you a list of confirmed abilities that will be in the game.

    • Arm Canon Whack (A new move where Samus can whack people with her…

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