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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is Unemployed
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  • Observer Supreme

    The Slingshot effect was this plot element used in two Star Trek original episodes and the fourth movie of a starship going at a vast speed in space that the ship the main cast traveled on was sent into Earth's past. I've been thinking of a similar solution to Metroid Prime's conflictive beginnings. It starts perhaps a little while after Dark Samus takes over the Pirate Homeworld. With hordes of Space Pirates and their technology under her control, she begins an endeavor to preserve her existence. Discovering an ancient Space Pirate fighter on Phaaze with a Metroid Egg shell near it, Dark Samus correctly surmised that the egg her past self hatched from came from around her own time period. Studying science similar to the Slingshot Effect a…

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  • Observer Supreme

    Hello, everyone. My first contribution here, so let's make it memorable.

    After looking up some stories here and there about Metroid, my interest has been rejuvenated and I'm thinking of making one about Ridley's "survival skills" and maybe another on Kraid's possible connection with the Reptilicus.

    Anyway, I've got some ideas. Nothing expansive, but they are there. I guess I'll start in chronological order.

    Game concept number 1: something that that ties Samus' Zero Mission with the Prime series. Might as well have to know what she was doing during that time, I suppose. I guess it can take a break from the Space Pirates and explore the Kriken Empire.

    Game concept number 2: something after Corruption about Sylux which would revolve around his r…

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