Hello, everyone. My first contribution here, so let's make it memorable.

After looking up some stories here and there about Metroid, my interest has been rejuvenated and I'm thinking of making one about Ridley's "survival skills" and maybe another on Kraid's possible connection with the Reptilicus.

Anyway, I've got some ideas. Nothing expansive, but they are there. I guess I'll start in chronological order.

Game concept number 1: something that that ties Samus' Zero Mission with the Prime series. Might as well have to know what she was doing during that time, I suppose. I guess it can take a break from the Space Pirates and explore the Kriken Empire.

Game concept number 2: something after Corruption about Sylux which would revolve around his reasons for his anti-Federal attitude and ends with the Feds considering extermination of the Metroids leading to the real world's second game.

Game concept number 3: something that ties Other M to Fusion. I was thinking of a plot similar to the Gundam Universal Century's plots of Stardust Memory and Char's Counterattack with remnant Pirate factions led by new ideological leaders instead of the currently misplaced and deceased traditional characters in place of the Zeon remnants of Gundam.

Game concept number 4: and finally, something after Fusion. I was thinking of Samus and AI Adam trying to get to the bottom behind the Federal conspiracy once and for all with a considerable amount of help. In the ringleader's desperation, they take Ridley's DNA, which I believe is modified to the cellular level to house his memories and personality, to create a powerful hunter to destroy all their enemies foreign and domestic Lockdown-style and voiced by Michael Ironside before he goes rogue and pushes for one final battle with Samus that probably ends with his present form getting destroyed cell by cell and all his DNA samples being expunged as well as a Series finale, if Nintendo decides to move on. Not that I'd want that to happen yet, of course, but I think it would be a proper send off, especially if they decide to expand more on the Metroid universe through an in-game codex and open world collection of side missions.

These are my thoughts. What is yours, fellow users and contributors? And please be polite and less biased.

Idea concept number 1: a bit unrelated, but I don't think I'm the only one who wants an anime adaptation of the manga.

Idea concept number 2: they can probably make a side story about Weavel and when he became what he was.

Idea concept number 3: Perhaps something that ties the events of the manga with Samus' Army backstory and the games themselves.

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