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    Fan Creations

    December 19, 2009 by Piratehunter

    These are things that I came up with for Metroid, they include characters (mostly bounty hunters), weapons, and many other things, please do not steal these ideas, I don't see why you would want to though. Enjoy!

    Conan is a bounty hunter like Samus in almost every way except he is not employed by the Galactic Federation, he is freelance. And second, well he isn't a woman. Conan takes his job quite seriously. His specialty is Space Pirates, he knows all of their weak spots, and just the right way to attack them. He has killed many Pirates in melee combat due to his knowledge of their anatomy. His ship is a large yacht-type cruiser called the "Blinding Hierophant". For offense it possesses 20 plasma beam cannons, 4 quick-loading Super Missile…

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  • Piratehunter

    "Samus! Welcome to the Vanguard. Please take a seat," Captain Zaeus directed. "Thank you, sir." Samus replied, taking a seat beside Conan (the only face she could really recognize). The room was packed with people. All Galactic Federation. Three doors allowed entry to the room, but only one was unlocked, most likely to help in keeping the oncoming meeting as private as possible. The other two doors were locked down, and guarded by two adjacent Federation troopers. "Well, well, if it isn't the infamous Conan Guille," exclaimed Samus. "...Talking to the great scourge of the galaxy, Samus Aran," joked Conan. "Haha come here you ol' gal you." He leans in and give Samus a friendly hug, awkward as it was with so much armor on both of them, save …

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