Metroid Prime 2 Days :)

I remember when I brought Metroid Prime 2 with my Nintendo Gamecube. God I was awful at the game I died so many times against the Dark Alpha Splinter, I didn't even know how to dash and after two weeks I killed it. That was a proud moment. When I got to the Agon temple it took me a few days to kill the Bomb Guardian, I never used any guides on how to kill the bosses until i got to Dark Chykka Adult. After I managed to get a few Energy Tanks things did get better and I managed to progress smoothly until I got to the Boost Guardian where I was stuck for a few days and then another few days I was stuck trying to get to the Gravity Boost.

Eventually I suceeded and I remember the boss battle against Chykka I could never get it to fall into the Dark water, then by divine intervention I purchased a Nintendo Magazine at the time of Metroid Prime 2. There was a fan art drawing along with a hint to shoot the missiles into Chykka's from the back, then I managed to get to Sanctuary Fortress.

However before getting to Sanctuary Fortress i didn't know that the bridge could be lowered in the Temple Grounds by the Dark Visor and I would enter the Portal and get killed by the Ingstorm present. I realised that the Bridge could be lowered by using hte Dark Visor and I eventually made it to Sanctuary Fortress. I remember making good progress, but got stuck after obtaining the Echo Visor as the room where the Caretaker Drone was I left it before I shut off all the Echo beams and i was stuck luckily i didn't save.

Then came the Screw Attack, I managed to collect it and activate it but I didn't know that you press the B button after a second not tapping repeatedly and so I was stuck int he vault for a few days. I figured it out and the boss battle with Quadraxis went well and I had fun destroying him. The problem was when I had to face Dark Samus for the last time I didn't know about the Charge Beam and absorbing Phazon and redirecting it back at her because I was too lazy to pay attention to the scan data I got from her.

Eventually after a month I was shown by a family friend what to do and I successfully completed Metroid Prime 2.

The truth when I started my problems for making little progress were simple, I didn't know the basic Metroid Prime moves like dash, and I didn't pay attention to the scan data.


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