Samus talks about things that have happened in her life here. I will start with what the intro to Metroid Dread might look like if it comes out. Leave suggestions for improvement and on the comments section.

This is Metroid Dread, which has parts of the story from the perspectives of Samus, the SA-X and Dark Samus. It is meant to be a sequel to Fusion, with suspense, action, romance and drama.

It's settled then. I will publish a sequel.

Metroid Dread intro

"What has happened in the past is of great importance. Please listen carefully, and hear of my trouble..."

"First, I invaded the planet Zebes and fought the Metroids that lurked beneath the surface. There, I fought the evil supercomputer Mother Brain and stopped her plans to use the Metroids against galactic civilization..."

(shows Samus defeating Mother Brain in Metroid)

"My mission on Zebes done, I was ordered to SR388. There, I eradicated every Metroid living there, minus a single hatchling..."

(shows Samus finding the hatchling in Metroid II)

"I had gone to Ceres to drop the hatchling off for scientists to study. Just as I left, Ridley and the Space Pirates attacked the station, and stole the hatchling..." "I followed them to Zebes, where the base had been rebuilt. I defeated Ridley, only to find the hatchling's capsule broken and empty..."

"Continuing on, I entered Tourian, where I dueled with Mother Brain. She used her powerful Hyper Beam against me. It drained me of all my resources until I could no longer stand..."

"As I was about to meet my death, the hatchling, now regrown to an enormous size, rushed in and attacked Mother Brain. It then proceeded to heal me..."

(shows Metroid healing Samus)

"However, Mother Brain, having not yet died, came back to life and killed the hatchling."

(shows hatchling dying)

"As it exploded over me, I discovered that it had left me a powerful weapon. In retaliation, I blasted at Mother Brain until she was dead."

"Having defeated her, I escaped as Zebes, the sacred home of the Chozo was lost forever..."

(shows Zebes blowing up)

"Two years later, I was sent back to SR388 to collect samples of life for study now that the Metroids were gone..."

"There, I was infected by a parasitic organism we called 'X'. It entered my body and much of my Power Suit had to be surgically removed."

"I was given a vaccine made of one of the Metroid hatchling's DNA cells. My makeup permanantly changed, I was now invulnerable to X infection."

"An explosion on the BSL station occured, and I was sent to investigate. During my entire mission, I was stalked by an X that had taken control of my old suit and was tracking me..."

(shows Samus hiding from SA-X)

"Realizing the danger that was the X, and discovering a secret Metroid breeding program, I proceeded to ram the station into SR388. Narrowly escaping, I now fear the worst..."

Adam: "Samus, what have I told you?"

Adam: "One will understand. One must."

Adam: "Incoming transmission..."

Samus: "Oh no..."

Federation Officer: "This is the Galactic Federation Police. Samus Aran, you are under arrest!"

Samus: "Adam...?!"

Adam: "There is nothing I can add at this point Samus..."

Federation Officer: "Yes... your precious old CO, turned to a bunch of -"

Samus: "How dare you call him that?! He was a wonderful military mind, and you refer to him as trash!"

Federation Officer: "You shouldn't have said that, Samus..."

(Federation ship fires Missile at Samus)

(Samus' eyes widen in shock)

Federation Officer: "Au revoir, Samus!"

(Samus rushes to escape pod)

Chapter 1: Fugitive 

I escaped from my ship just in time, as it was obliterated. My joy was short-lived, though, as the Federation officer began to pull my pod towards his ship. The pod would not resist. When it came into the officer's ship, he opened it up, grabbed me and tossed me onto the floor. The Dachoras and Etecoons, carrying my computer CO Adam, followed me out. The officer pinned me to the ground. "Who are you?!" I demanded. The officer removed his helmet. It was Armstrong Houston. It took me a second to recognize him because he was balding, but I knew him. I had not seen him in at least two years. "Armstrong..." I said. "Samus, I had to. You blew up the station. You - " "The X were heartless abominations! They would have destroyed the Federation! They - " I was beginning to cry. I fell asleep.

When I awoke, I was behind an electric force field. A containment cell, I figured. The Dachoras, Etecoons and Adam were with me. Beside me was a plate of eggs, bacon and cheese. I wasn't hungry. Just then, Armstrong came into the containment room. "Hello, prisoner..." he said flirtatiously, giving a crooked smile. I groaned. "Oh come on, Samus... don't you wanna?" Ugh, no. I'm too young for him, me 23 years old, him 39. I groaned again. Armstrong rubbed his head, which he had completely shaved. "Go away," I whispered coldly. He obeyed. I took off my helmet and ate. His eggs were horrible. The eggs made at The Locker were much better than this. But I didn't dare go back, not after that incident with Princess Lana...

After I finished eating, Armstrong came back. He was wearing his blue suit, sans his helmet. "Time for work," he said. "What?" I asked him. "I said, time for work. You are going to be prosecuted for destroying the station, and this is your punishment." I was about to resume yesterday's speech, but didn't bother. I sighed. "What is my work?" I asked. "Cleaning up the Olympus," he said. This was going to be harder than target practice.

After I had cleaned a lot of the ship, Armstrong came in and praised me for my work. "Very good. Over there, you missed a spot." When I was done, he gave me a drink and some steak. "Hey Samus, why don't you like me? I'm a fun guy, right?" I had an idea that would both embarass him, satisfy my anger and probably get me in trouble. I walked over to him. "Yes, yes I do..." I told him, scratching his shaven head lightly. "In fact, I want to tell you just how much I love you. On a scale of one to ten, ZERO!" I slapped him and splashed my drink at him, running away. The sirens began blasting.

I hijacked a ship from the docking bays and flew away, to the depths of space...

Chapter 2: Rebirth

Here I lie, slowly reforming myself, amongst the rubble that was once a planet called SR388.

I was destroyed only a month ago. I had been created when I unexpectedly formed from the shell of an unknown tech. I was trapped, but I laid a powerful bomb and breached the containers holding me and my brethren captive. I then hunted the original owner of the armor I wore, but my efforts to stop her were futile. She was a Metroid, or so we thought. She could absorb us, as can the others. Later, I had multiplied into ten of myself. I then had an idea.

"Brothers!" I called. "Come to me!" They did. I instructed them to become their inner X Parasite and merge with me. I was now the sole X in existence, but I was much more powerful. My suit had become purple in color, and my speed had been increased. I became an X and floated away, looking for the hunter, Samus Aran...

Nothing should be able to stop me. I am too powerful, and thus I can easily wipe out anybody in my way. But I will not. I will only wipe out Samus Aran and then look to the stars to find others to fight.

I will split in three, where one will patrol the FS-176 system, another will stay here and the third will travel to a sentient planet that is too far away to be reached by conventional space travel, destroyed two years and 3 months ago. This way we will have most of space guarded. I started to laugh.

Meanwhile, very, very far away, where a sentient planet was...

I am only particles now. I cannot reform.

There is no Phazon left in the galaxy, and if there is, I cannot reach it. I am only particles, and particles I shall remain.

I started out as a Metroid living on a planet named Phaaze. Later on, I discovered a mutagen in the planet's core, which slowly began to spread, infecting the planet and everything on it. I was mutated to a gigantic state. I later found a womb on the planet where objects called Leviathans were grown and launched at planets. I entered one of them and was launched to an ancient planet called Tallon IV. The inhabitants of the planet, the Chozo, sealed me and the Leviathan away. It did not extend below the surface though, as I found out later on. Creatures called Space Pirates, greedy for just about everything in the galaxy, breached the seal underground, captured me and studied me. They infused me with much Phazon in the hopes of making it an ultimate weapon, but I escaped back to my den. Later on, a bounty hunter named Samus, foretold to be the one to breach the seal and stop me, entered the crater and engaged me in a duel. I broke down various walls and fell down into the chambers revealed. I left my body and engaged the hunter in my real form. I was only vulnerable to a Phazon-fused weapon, that unfortunately, the hunter posessed. I had one chance of survival. I stole her black armor, making it become purple and absorbed it, as well as all the Phazon in the crater. I formed into a version of the hunter Samus, and vowed to not confront her.

I did again unfortunately. I left Tallon IV in search of Phazon. I needed to constantly absorb Phazon now. I found Aether, a planet rich with Phazon. Most of it was in another dimension, however, so I had to travel there. One time, I found Samus while absorbing Phazon and aimed my gun at her. Blasting the light that kept her safe from the poisonous atmosphere that she couldn't resist, I fled, because dark creatures called Ing jumped down and attacked her, and I left, so that I would not suffer the same fate. I even left behind the precious amount of Phazon.

Later, in the Agon Wastes, I found a base being built. In it were Metroids kept in captivity. I freed them, pitying them, and with their help, attacked a lot of the Space Pirates who had formed the base. I again encountered Samus, and was defeated by her efforts. However, I was not yet dead.

My particles managed to reach Torvus Bog, where I reformed, though I did not fight Samus. I merely gave her a laugh, to tell her I was alive, and disappeared. I found her again in the Sanctuary Fortress, and destroyed the bridge at the entrance. I thought that was sufficient enough to stop her. But, she cornered me on an elevator and battled. Again, I was defeated by her efforts.

Finally, it was time to settle the score. Dark Aether was about to crumble, because of Samus. I blocked her escape, and dueled her again. I formed into massive balls of Phazon energy and fired various bits of Phazon that she collected with her Charge Beam and fired back at me. I died, but not before trying to steal her suit just as I had back on Tallon IV.

Again, I had not yet died. The Pirates collected all the Phazon they could before the Galactic Federation came and took the rest of it. In their haste they picked up my remains. I reformed out of Phazon energy and wiped out a lot of the Pirates, and brainwashed the rest into accepting me as their new leader.

I left them for several months, returning with a Leviathan - I had managed to find Phaaze again - and launched it at the Pirate Homeworld. Many tried to stop it, but were defeated. I sent three more to Bryyo, Elysia and Norion, the latter of which I found resistance in the form of Samus Aran and her friends Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda. I corrupted them with Phazon to knock them out, but my Leviathan was destroyed.

Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda were later sent to Bryyo, Elysia and the Homeworld, respectively, to destroy the Leviathans there. However, when I corrupted them I put them at risk of falling under my control. The three did, and Samus had to kill them. I flew in and absorbed their bodies and abilities, and laughed at Samus's sorrow. Myself, I remained on Phaaze, my homeworld. Finally, Samus discovered Phaaze's location, and entered my chamber, the Sanctum. We engaged in a grand final battle, where I surprised her. I stole the Aurora Unit 313 from the GFS Valhalla months ago, brought it to Phaaze, corrupted it and spread an epidemic to the Aurora Units. Samus defeated the unit, and I remained, finally exploding into the particles that I am now. Samus was cleansed of all Phazon in her body and Phaaze exploded.

So here I remain now, without any way to move. I hope that something bad will happen to Samus...

Chapter 4: The Locker

I knew where I had to go first.

The Locker.

As I said before, I did not want to go back there after my fight with Princess Lana, but I needed to collect my belongings.

The hunters there would hate me as well. So I docked in a rather deserted area and crept up to Level 200, where I kept my belongings. I used my Command Visor and called my ship to fly up here. It had its cloaking device on, so that way no one would get suspicious. First I loaded on the small cargo, then the medium and finally the large. I noticed that Lana had returned the Flame Chip to me. It rested above the only thing left in the room, a single crate. I threw it on the ground and stomped it to bits.

I loaded the last crate on my ship and activated the cloaking device again. As I flew through the noticably empty halls of The Locker, I encountered two hunters playing with X-ray visors. Crap! I thought. They could see me. I hadn't yet upgraded my cloaking device to be invisible to x-ray imaging. "Hey! I see something!" One of the hunters cried. "It's Samus Aran!" I flew out of the station and rushed away, into space.

After about half an hour, the hunters who gave chase gave up, and either went back to The Locker, or were planning an attack on me.

I travelled to the the SR388 asteroid belt. There I was going to gather the pieces of my original gunship and rebuild it. I didn't care about the purple one that I used on my mission to the BSL, that was destroyed by Armstrong Houston. I never liked it anyway.

Fortunately, the ship I was using had a grapple beam. I used that to gather all the parts, and then set course for Tallon IV. I went there because no intelligent race existed there anymore. It took about three hours, but I rebuilt my original gunship successfully. I would keep the hijacked ship should my original gunship be destroyed again.

As I entered space, my eyes turned to rubble suspended in midair. SR388. Pieces of it were still habitable. A small, yellow organism appeared out of one of the rocks.

Oh no.

The X. They were not extinct. They were able to survive the destruction of both the station and the planet. But only one X formed. And it was the SA-X.

But this time, the SA-X was wearing my Gravity Suit. I landed on the rubble that the SA-X stood on. It ran closer to me. You! I heard in my mind. You are my natural enemy. I will not spare you! The SA-X had acquired the ability to speak through the mind. In that instant, I was shot. Well, my suit was shot. The SA-X had fired a Super Missile to destroy my armor! As my armor fell off of me, I screamed as she fired an Ice Beam shot at me. I jumped it and ran over to the SA-X, punching it in the visor. It was only slightly cracked. I gave it another kick, and flipped over it, then kicked the back of its head. Only the visor appeared vulnerable.

I picked up my Arm Cannon and, disabling the Ice Beam, fired the Plasma Beam at the SA-X. That damaged it some, and then I fired another one. Okay! Okay! I give up! I heard. I stopped. But then I heard them.

The sirens of the Federation Police ships screeched. SA-X ran away, but turned around. You haven't seen the last of the SA-X! And then it disappeared. I was alone.

I felt arms grabbing mine. "Okay Samus, game's over. Come with us!" I did not struggle. I merely let them carry me up the rope ladder and bring me behind a containment field. "Wait!" I said. "The Dachoras and Etecoons. And Adam!" An officer was sent to get them, and my ship, with all of my cargo aboard it.

Armstrong Houston came to me and looked at me disgustedly. Thank Chozo for that. Now he wouldn't be trying to have an affair any time soon. I knelt back as the Dachoras and Etecoons raced into my cell. I clutched the Etecoons and baby Dachora in my lap and wrapped an arm around the adult Dachora, and fell asleep.

I awoke to the smell of freshly-baked bread in front of me, as well as some juice and a wedge of cheese. I game some food to the animals and ate the rest. Whoever made this was a better cook than Armstrong, who came into the room, giving me a message on paper: "YOU JUST ADDED CHARGES TO YOUR TAIL: Destructuon of a vital space station, police assault, attempted escape and vehicle theft. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!" I was about to speak but he cut me off. "Also damage to wild life." I knew he was referring to me attacking the SA-X on SR388. Then, I told him everything. About the secret breeding of Metroids at BSL, the danger the X posed and why I destroyed the station and planet. He took in everything and listened carefully, nodding his head occasionally. "I understand all that, Samus. Still, we aren't going to let you off the hook," I nodded, sighing quietly as he walked away.

That night, I had a dream...

Samus' Dream

I awoke lying on a deserted planet. Must be Naishii, I thought. I tried to get up, but instead screamed in pain. Blootiks were chewing at my arm. I brushed them aside wih my good arm and attempted again to get up, but was slowly pushed down. "Steady Samus, you need rest," said a soft, kind and familiar voice. "Adam!" I began crying tears of joy. Adam was human again. His presence was so much for me. He slowly lifted me up, and I clutched his shoulders, refusing to let go. "Ah, ah Adam! My arm!" Adam looked at his blood-stained hand. "Samus, you're hurt. I'll help you." I had never before seen Adam practice medical procedures, but I knew he took that course. He took off his military jacket and rebuttoned his blue undershirt. Pulling a needle and thread out of his pocket, he began to stitch my wound. He then started to wrap gauze around it, before Ridley intervened. He grabbed Adam and threw him across the valley. My heart shattered. My dream ended right as Ridley's tail was about to strike me.

I awoke, my eyes blinded with tears. I was still in my containment facility. It was 6:35 am. No food was left for me, as it was too early, but I wasn't hungry. Armstrong, sensing my sorrow, came in and gave me Adam's collection of medals. "If he died, he wanted you to have this." I took it from him, failing through tears to nod a decent "thank you", and he left me alone. The Dachora, sensing my pain, awoke and cuddled close. I put my arms around it and cried myself back to sleep.

Chapter 5: Sentence

When I awoke the next day, I was due to begin my work. A large portion of eggs and some milk sat next to me. As I ate, Armstrong returned. When I finished eating, he spoke. "As you know, today's the day you begin your sentence. Your first assignment will be to clear the fountain in the Chozo Ruins on Tallon IV," he said. "Has the Flaaghra poisoned it again?" I asked. "No. Some sort of substance was caught in the drainage, blocking off the water. Your job will be to clear it." he replied.

When we arrived, we took the elevator to the Chozo Ruins. I noticed the general lack of enemies now. Armstrong informed me that extermination teams had been sent to the planet and had collected some specimens for study. Those that were not collected were killed. I only encountered the less dangerous enemies: Tangle Weed, Sap Sacs and Blastcaps. As we entered the ruins, I asked in a quiet voice: "Are they still around?" "Are what still around Samus?" "The Chozo Ghosts. I encountered several of them during my mission." Armstrong shook his head. "No, the teams said that they had not encountered any at all". That made me feel a little safe.

When we arrived at the fountain, Armstrong handed me a stick and a bucket. He instructed me to first scrape off the muck around the interior of the fountain and then go underwater and remove the crap blocking off the flow, using the bucket to store what I salvaged. I did as I was told. Before going underwater I took my shoes off, grabbed the stick and then dived in. I dug at the edges of the muck with my stick and then used my hands to pull it out. The fountain then started to flow again. I swam up and received a nice thank you from Armstrong.

Despite my initial thoughts, Armstrong was kind to me. He never hit on me again. I did everything he told me to do, and was rewarded. I talked to Adam one night about my dream. He assured me that he was there, and nothing could keep us apart. Nothing will, I thought to myself.

Other work assignments of mine included helping the Luminoth in replanting the Agon Plains of their homeworld Aether, constructing Hazard Shield units for the Federation Scientists who were working to restore the ecosystem of the Space Pirate Homeworld and hauling in parts of the GFS Valhalla for scrap metal.

One night, however, I overheard a conversation between Armstrong and Adam. Armstrong wanted to go to SR388 to find the SA-X I encountered earlier. I just barely restrained myself from running in and yelling my objections. I didn't want to go to solitary confinement.

So I just went back to my cell. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. My hair was covering my face and getting in the way. I tried to do it up but it looked dumb on me, so I grabbed some scissors and cut it just above the neck. I used it as something for the Etecoons and baby Dachora to sleep on. Yes, I do regret cutting my hair. But it got in the way, and could be annoying sometimes.

I would not imply to either Armstrong or Adam that I overheard their conversation.

The next morning

The next morning, a plate of eggs with milk sat next to me. Armstrong was waiting outside the cell, giving me a curious look. So were the Dachoras and Etecoons. After I finished eating, I realized why their looks were strange. My haircut. "Samus, wha - " I cut him off. "it got in the way. It looked dumb when I did it up, too. Why? Do you not like it?" He shook his head. Their odd looks faded. Armstrong changed the subject. "We're going back to SR388, to - " I cut him off again. "To capture the SA-X, you mean." Armstrong looked puzzled. "How - " "Oh please, Armstrong! After you saw it on SR388 your intentions to capture it are obvious!" I yelled. There was an awkward silence, then, "You..." "Yes, I overheard you!" I screamed. He disabled my containment cell, grabbed my arm and pulled me along. I had no idea where he intended to go. I motioned for the Dachoras and Etecoons to come. Armstrong brought me to where Adam had been installed. He took out a mallet, and I instantly knew what he was about to do.

He wouldn't.

Adrenaline rushed through my veins and I lunged at him, giving him a good punch to eye, knocking him to the floor. "Do it again, and you can drift in the depths of space!" I said coldly. When I believed I had his attention, I spoke again. "We will go to SR388," I spoke. "But, you will see how dangerous the X can be, how quickly they reproduce. When you see the danger they pose, you must allow me to destroy the SA-X. Is that clear?!" I asked. He didn't answer. I glared at him. "Yes ma'am!" "Good." Then we set course for SR388.

Chapter 6: Hunt

I have hidden out here for the past two weeks, trying to evade capture by the Federation. How can they decide without thinking to capture me, for military? Very odd.

I have since discovered a crater underneath the surface of SR388, containing a whole colony of Metroids. I escaped before they saw me. The Metroids have sensed their prey, and soon I will become their food. If I want to survive, then I'm going to need some help.

The Hunter.

But why and how could I get her to assist me? When the Federation ships arrived, I knew they had arrested her. I escaped before they could capture me. But, what if she was to come back here to capture me? I would attempt to kill her. But, she could kill me. She could absorb me. She could fire the beam she had recovered from the Nettori. The one that killed another of me.

Pondering these thoughts, I noticed another crater that had no traces of Metroid. Instead, it had canisters filled with a strange, blue mutagen. I destroyed the canisters and stuck my hand in the mutagen. It stung. I discovered that my armor was changing color. It turned from purple to black. My visor remained blue, though. The yellow segments of my armor had now become red and silver.

I left the crater, wondering what odd substance I had just touched.

When I was about to leave the cavern, I heard voices. "...How dangerous is it?..." "...You don't know how much..." There was the hunter and another clad in blue armor. Hadn't I destroyed her armor? Maybe she regenerated it. I jumped out, about to attack.


We had just landed.  Suddenly, I found the SA-X jumping in front of me. Its armor was now black, the color of the Phazon Suit I had been fused with on my mission to Tallon IV. I suddenly aimed my gun at her. "Samus, do not - " I heard Armstrong hiss. "SA-X, would you care to multiply for us?" I did not hear an answer, but it complied with my request. Suddenly, where there was once one SA-X, there were now two. I took out one of the Hornoads that was preserved by the Federation and told the SA-X to infect it. "It infects the creature, killing it and using it as a host. I neutralized the Hornoad and absorbed the X it created. SA-X merged itself with the other two. "Now, Armstrong, as you promised." I again aimed my gun at her. Stop! I heard. Well, actually, both me and Armstrong heard it speak. If I wanted you dead I would have annihilated you both the minute you stepped off your ship. But no. Instead, I want to ally with you. That was stunning news. The SA-X, an ally? I'd never dreamed of it. I have discovered a crater in this portion of SR388. Inside of it contains many Metroids, in their normal life cycle. I know of your experience with the fiends, and with your help, we can eliminate them! I looked at Armstrong, then back at the SA-X. "I will," I said. Good, said the SA-X. But there's one condition... it walked away, returning with a canister of... Phazon! I thought no more of it existed! She threw the canister at me. When it hit me it exploded, leaking Phazon all over me. "Armstrong, stand back!" I shrieked. My suit began to change to black over red. My helmet became silver and my visor orange, similar to the Phazon Suit I had earlier. I aimed my gun at her again. "Pull another stint like that, and the deal is off!" I am sorry, said the SA-X, but I believe the Metroids have mutated, and this Phazon will greatly enhance our ability to attack them. Now, are you still in?

Chapter 7: Revival

As I lie here, I wonder, does Phazon exist anymore? Was Phaaze simply a planet that met the fate of corruption because of a Leviathan? Or has the death of Phaaze completely eradicated all Phazon from the galaxy? No. More must be somewhere, still.

My particles have slowly started to leave Phaaze. If I'm to find any Phazon, if any exists, I must do so soon. Maybe I can travel to the planets whom have been infected. Tallon IV, where I first lurked. Aether, where I travelled to. Bryyo and Elysia, or the Space Pirate Homeworld, who were infected by Leviathans controlled by me. No matter where I went it had to have been associated with Phazon. I would not give up in my search.

Back at SR388...

So, I don't really know when the mission first began. Armstrong suggested that we go. His suit had weaker shielding and the inability to recharge energy, so I thought I should go with the SA-X, and that I had the Plasma Beam if she turned on me.

As we walked on, I took off my helmet and felt the nape of my neck, where my hair had once been. Yes, it was much better now that it didn't get in the way, but I could have just done it up. Oh well. It will grow back. Eventually.

Hair was the least of my problems. We're getting close, said the SA-X. Just a few more tunnels. I put my helmet back on and witnessed, firsthand, a number of Metroids in the crater. There were the normal Metroids, as well as fifteen Alphas, sixteen Gammas, three Zetas and four Omegas, but no Queen. I figured the queen lurked in the depths of the crater.

The SA-X knew what they were saying, so I turned on my translator. "The X! A Metroid is assisting her! Attack both of them!" I heard an Alpha say. "No! Spare the one with Metroid in them!" said a Gamma. "The one of us can absorb the X, but she does not want to. She wants to exterminate us. She is no Metroid, she is a traitor! Get them both!"

That started the war. I re-enabled the Ice Beam and froze the normal ones, then a blast of the Super Missiles took care of them. I had the Ice and Diffusion Missiles disabled. No point in firing an Ice Beam, then an Ice Missile. I chuckled quietly.

SA-X took on the bigger ones. The Zetas almost had her pinned down, but I fired twice as much ammo as the SA-X had. Within moments, that part of the colony was finished. I knew that more would be lurking farther into the crater.

Yet another pack of Alphas showed up. I dispatched half of them, while the SA-X did the others. I thought to myself, I never thought I'd ally with my enemy... myself.

As we entered more of the crater we faced more and more Metroids. Facing one Omega cost me my ammo. "I'm out of ammo!" I screamed. SA-X threw me a Missile Battery she picked up, which gave me a good portion of Missiles.

Finally, we entered the Queen Metroid's lair. She was much more menacing than from I remember. She struck her head much faster now. SA-X began to pump Missiles at its head, but then I used a trick from the first encounter. I went into Morph Ball and rolled into the queen's body. Are you crazy?! The SA-X asked. "I did this a while ago. A lot of good, clean damage was given to the queen. We repeated the process, SA-X constantly blasting the head, even when I was in the body, and me rolling into the torso and bombing. Finally, the queen fell down dead.

An earthquake began to start, and the lava began to rise. A shaft was revealed behind the queen, and we escaped before the cavern was filled with lava. We were protected from lava because of our Gravity Suits, we know, but we didn't want to be submerged in it, because sooner or later it would begin to sink into our armor.

When we reached the surface, we learned we had been gone for eight days. Realizing that I was suddenly tired, I fell onto the ground and slept.

Chapter 8: Questions

When I awoke, I felt very tired. I wanted to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Eight days. Wow. While in the crater I had been awake for eight days, not once feeling any fatigue.

I was back in my containment cell, but this time, instead of sleeping on a cloth with a pillow I lay on a comfortable bed. The Dachoras and Etecoons slept peacefully at the other side of it.

Armstrong came in, wearing only his pants. "Hi," he said. "Can I come in?" "Sure." I answered. The animals lept off the bed, allowing him to come in. He wrapped his arms around me, cuddling. My fingers ran across his bald head. "Why Armstrong...?" I asked quietly. "Why'd you do it? Why'd you shave?" He was quiet for a bit, but then he answered. "You don't want a guy who's getting old, do you?" He smiled. More silence, then, "Oh sorry. I know you don't love me. Well, having no hair on the top of your head makes you look like a hypocrite. That, and it itched a lot. And so I shaved." He kissed me on the cheek and left.

I went back to sleep, asking myself many questions: why had he said what he said, what were Metroids and Phazon doing on SR388, how the crater formed and what happened to the SA-X.

Trial Day

I slept for about one full day. When I awoke again, I gasped, realizing the day had finally come.

Trial Day.

Today I was due to appear in court for my prosecution on behalf of destroying the BSL station.

I got up, ate and waited for the police to escort me to the courtroom. I put my hair up in a bun, and put on a coat and skirt and some pumps. I mostly did my hair up to hide my haircut.

When the police arrived they had a private conversation with Armstrong. After that they asked me a few questions. I was handcuffed and we were taken to the courtroom.

At the courtroom, Judge Racklas began the hearing. "Has he been verified to be the real judge?" I whispered. "Yes," said Armstrong. My lawyer was Otto van Pels, a tall man with thinning red hair. "Can you manage?" asked Armstrong. I nodded.

"Order in the court!" the judge called. Everyone stood up. "This hearing is to determine if the allegations against Samus Aran that she single-handedly destroyed the Biologic Space Laboratories research station are true. Mr. van Pels, you may speak." My lawyer then told my entire story. The jury listened to everything, and stated the evidence that they had: pieces of the station in space, the rubble of SR388 and various others.

When the tial was finished my lawyer needed to talk to Adam, out of earshot. I went to the ship to talk to Adam.

I was about to speak, but Adam started to flash. A previously recorded message that was left for me began to play. "Samus, nothing is the same. You may be going to prison. They will not allow you to contact me." My eyes filled up with tears. "I will take you someplace far away, where it is just the two of us. You don't have to go on trial. It was for the best. Goodbye." I thought I was going to die of emotion. The tears were coming, and I couldn't stop them. They spilled over onto my face. Armstrong and my lawyer came back, noticing my sorrow. Before I could hear them speak, I fainted.

Chapter 9: Seperation

I thought I would never again open my eyes. I thought that Adam's message and the sorrow that enveloped me afterwards had been sufficient enough to kill me. But, I was alive.

I was in the same setting as my dream. I no longer wore the bulky uniform from the trial. I instead wore a short skirt dark grey dress with black pumps. My hair had even grown back. I must have been asleep for months, I thought. Moving on from looking at myself, I began to examine the setting.

It was the same, rocky, barren place from my dream. However, there were no Blootiks chewing at my arm, and I saw no trace of Adam on the horizon. I decided I should explore my surroundings. Moving with the pumps was hard, so I just kicked them off and continued on. After about a minute, I found a body. Adam's body.

This was a continuation of my dream.

I ran over to him. His beautiful military jacket was ripped, and his blue undershirt was torn open. Otherwise, he was not in too bad shape. His light brown hair was messy and his hat was off, but only a few feet away. I lay down on his body for a short time, before I felt heat radiating from his body. He was alive, so I rolled off of him. He called my name in a soft, sad voice. "Samus...?" he asked. "It's the two of us, Adam. Only you and me..." I answered. Truth be told, my voice was cracking. As he felt my skin, he asked, "Samus, are you cold?" I didn't notice that I was shivering. "Y-Yes..." I chattered. He took off his blue undershirt and wrapped it around me, holding me until I fell asleep.

When I awoke, Adam had left. The words, "Be back soon," were scratched into the dirt beside me. When he returned, he had brought some medicine from his ship that he had crashed here. According to him, I had contracted a disease. Just as he was about to give me a dose he collapsed on the ground. "What's wrong?!" I shrieked. I looked at his back, which was swollen and bleeding. Treating the wound with tools from his jacket, I looked at him with a pleading face. "If this is a dream," I told him, "Then I hope to Chozo that I never wake up,".

I lay on him for a few minutes. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and the heat radiating from his chest had stopped my shivering. "Adam..." I wanted to ask, but I fell asleep again.

I was really sick, I learned when I awoke the next day. I was cold. I remembered that I was only wearing a short cut dress. I had pumps, but they were gone. Where are those pumps, I thought, where are those pumps.

Oh yeah, I had kicked them off because it was hard to move in them. I navigated around the area until I finally found them. I went back over to Adam and sat down beside him. I took the medicine he offered me and lay down gazing up at the stars.

Chapter 10: Reunion

Within the next couple of days however, spaceships landed. Out of one of them came Armstrong and my lawyer. I ran up to them and gave them both hugs.

After we talked a bit I brought Adam to talk to them. It was then that Armstrong explained to me why there was a human Adam and a computer that was supposed to be Adam. The Adam that had assisted me during my BSL mission was a radio, with Adam communicating to me from a distant planet, which was here. "Why did you lie to me?!" I said to Armstrong. "I had to - " "Had to seperate me? God, Armstrong, I, I should have known that you were a jerk!" I knew that it would only add to my charges, but I slapped him. Adam tried to calm me down. "Samus..." but I walked away, angrily.

I went away to sit down and think about what I just did. Shortly after, Adam came. "Samus, I know you're upset. But you should apologize to Armstrong." I looked at him. "He is nothing but a jerk. He has tried to hit on me while you were gone, and, Adam, I think I'm starting to fall in love with him!" I started to cry a bit. We wrapped our arms around each other. "Samus, I'm here. That's all that matters." "But is this just a dream? Am I due to soon awaken and you'll be gone forever? I won't leave you again, Adam! Ever! If I have to kill myself, I will!" Now I knew I had gone too far.

"Samus, that's enough. You won't kill yourself to see me again. You will not need to. This is not a dream. I am not a dream." "Then what are you?" "I am human, I have always been human, and will remain human." "Samus, you must leave this planet immediately. There is a danger coming that you will not be able to face." "No, Adam, I will stay with you! If I go, you'll come!" "I cannot do that Samus. This planet needs me. It is bonded to me. If I left, it would die." "Who cares if it died?! It's just nothing but a pile of junk now!" I got up and left him too. I didn't want to, but I had to. I needed to face the coming danger, whatever it would be.


I have wandered the planet alone, wondering if the hunter Samus has died. It is unlikely, but I have many theories. She has gone eight days without sleep. Impossible for a human to accomplish.

X do not sleep. That is why I did not collapse upon leaving the crater as well. Her blue-armored friend assured me she was alright. I walked away, still thinking about her.

When they had gone, I wanted to put my new abilities to the test. If I started to run for a bit I learned my speed could increase from Mach 1 to 4. I also learned that I could perform a very long jump, that was dangerous if you didn't properly use it. It could very easily drain your energy. So, risking my life, I started to run, and then felt the surge of energy in front of me, signaling the booster starting. Then I crouched, and then, I practically zoomed up into the skies of space.

While in space, I heard a telepathic message: "You..." Silence. "I am now only particles now... like you, I was a mimic of the hunter Samus Aran..." I listened intently. "Like you, I was her enemy!" That changed things. "I'll have you know," I said, "That I allied with her to defeat a secret colony of Metroids in a crater on SR388-" "WHAT?! You were exterminating MY species?! What species are you?" "I am of the X Parasites, born from infection to Samus' Varia Suit. I stalked her during her entire mission to a station that was later obliterated, and allied with her to defeat an army of Metroids. She is part-Metroid, infused with a Metroid's DNA cell to fight off her X Parasite infection." "Fool! She would fight off her own species!" then, Dark Samus entered my armor. "Crap!" I screamed. She, being Metroid, and I, being X, would not mix. She was trying to destroy me. I tried to push her out of my armor, but she was too strong.

Then, magically, she exited my body. She was now reformed, and she began to laugh. "I discovered that your suit has become fused with Phazon. I just, oh, borrowed some of it. Yes, is that the word?" "Oh well. You will assist me, or else I will annihilate you!" That changed things for the better. "What do you need assistance with?" I asked in fear. "I need you to help me destroy Samus..." "But I - " "Nuh-uh! You said you would help me. You don't want me to destroy you, do you?" she asked in a cold, bitter voice. I asked, "Where is she?"

Chapter 11: Climax

We have stayed on this planet for ten days. I have not wanted to go back to Armstrong, and I hadn't. I stayed in a seperate corner of the planet with Adam. I wanted to be with him, not Armstrong, a bald, cocky, jerk.

Armstrong was now worse than Commander Hardy. He had been a challenge, and he was now in the hospital because I was trying to hold in my anger, but it exploded, and he had suffered twelve broken bones.

Am I violent, I asked Adam. He told me no, I just hadn't gotten over the deaths of various things that were my only reasons to live: The Ion-Faeria, burned by Worker Robots of Mother Brain's. The Chozo, either killed off by the Metroids or the dangers they faced on the planets they inhabited. Not even I know. My parents, destroyed right before my eyes by Ridley's bidding. And the Metroid hatchling, who was killed by Mother Brain and now lies within me.

And originally, Adam too. But now I knew the truth. Why was he so bonded to this planet? What made him need to stay here? Why did he not want to reunite with me, fly with me through the stars?

I asked myself these questions millions of times, before I saw an approaching star.

Before Armstrong came for me, Adam and I regularly gazed up at the stars. They were boring, but it was the only extra thing to do. I would sit on him, with his shirt wrapped around me and gaze at the sky. Now this was different.

I was headed straight for Adam.

I began to run back to him, kicking my pumps off again and intending to run for my armor. That Phazon Ball was... was...

No. It could not be. She was dead. I had destroyed her two years and 1 month ago. I had even seen her die, right before my eyes. I was then painfully cleansed of all Phazon in my body, and since then I have not been infected. My armor does not count, as my actual body was not affected by it.

The ball impacted soon after I reached the area. I quickly put on my armor before the ball of Phazon struck. I ran over to see what was going on.

The ball soon faded. Oh no, I thought. It was her.

Dark Samus.

And behind her, the SA-X! "You traitor!" I screamed at her. I did it in fear! I heard. Dark Samus cackled. "SA-X, you were very helpful to me. I borrowed some of her Phazon and reformed. Isn't that wonderful?" I continued to glare angrily at the SA-X. Dark Samus then continued. "Because the SA-X has allowed for me to reform, she is no longer of use to me." SA-X's eyes widened. You don't mean? "Yes, I do mean it." Suddenly, the SA-X was absorbed by Dark Samus and was destroyed. "Happy, Samus, that I have defeated your former ally?" she asked me, beginning to laugh. I angrily clenched my fist and suddenly entered Hypermode. The kind that I used back in the Impact Crater, when I stepped in pools of Phazon. Not the kind granted by my PED. My Phazon supply was endless. Or at least, all the Phazon I had in my suit. I blasted all of the Phazon within my armor at Dark Samus, who began to suddenly deteoriorate, her skeleton showing just as it had in my final duel against her on Dark Aether. She was flashing, and her armor was falling to pieces. I shot at her until it completely crumbled off. She crawled up to me very similar to our final encounter on Dark Aether, and touched the torso of my suit, beginning to slowly absorb the Phazon in it. I simply swiped it away and shot more at her. She finally disentegrated into pieces.

Adam ran up to me, as well as Armstrong. We engaged in a group hug, before the planet began having an earthquake. Everyone started to run for it. Our ship was far away, because I had chased Dark Samus and the SA-X to where we were now. We did not stop running. As soon as we got to our ship, I fainted. I knew I was being carried in, but I fainted before I could know anything else.

"Samus..." "Samus... wake up, Samus." My eyes fluttered open, slowly. There was Adam, his shirt newly resewn and buttoned. "...Adam... Adam, where am I?" I whispered quietly. "Samus, you're in the hospital." I looked at my surroundings. I was in a hospital. "Don't look around Samus. Your tubes will come loose." I obeyed his request. "Samus, the judge has decided that they were wrong about the X. In fact, your opinions were right. They understand now that the station was a plague. You've been acquitted of all charges," I didn't answer. "I'm so sorry, Samus..." "I love you Adam... are you going to go away again?" "Never again, Samus. Never again."

I just had a question. "Does the defeat of the X mean that no more threats exist in the galaxy?" "No. Various threats exist now, but they are not much danger. The Federation has stated that they will end all Metroid breeding programs because of your efforts and the danger you barely averted. They recognize you now as a true bounty hunter. They're even considering opening up a Samus Aran Memorial Park, even though you are not dead. You carry the spirit of the Chozo, and the Metroid within you." That speech caused me to start crying. "Adam, why am I in the hospital?" "Look at yourself." I did so. My arm was in a cast, I was wearing bandages all over and equipment too. "It's because you suffered injuries from your fight with Dark Samus. You also haven't fought off that disease infection." I was about to open my mouth again, but Adam stopped me. "No more talking, Samus. Get some rest." He kissed me on the lips before he left.

Epilogue: A New Beginning

It was now July 10th. The day of Adam's 38th birthday. Today I could celebrate in peace. Very few threats existed in the galaxy. They were nothing.

I was sporting a blue short cut dress, with new red pumps. My hair was wavy, and I wore loads of makeup and jewelry. As I walked into the party room, I looked for Adam. He was nowhere to be seen. After I had some snacks, I spotted him sitting on his balcony.

I walked over to him. "Why aren't you at the party?" I asked. "I'm thinking." he replied. "About what?" I asked. He then looked at me. "About the future." He then knelt down on the ground and opened up a small box. I knew what was going to happen, but I wouldn't tell him.

"Samus Aran, will you marry me?"

I started laughing in joy. "Yes!" I took the ring out and slipped it onto my finger. Then, Adam and I shared a kiss.

With his love, I knew that every threat in the galaxy would be no match for us. I was a true hunter now, ready for anything.

Chapter 12: Invasion

I awoke from sleep in my gunship. I had an exhausting night. Last night was Adam's 38th birthday and he and I danced until I believed I had fractured my ankles.

My legs were still exhausted. Oh well. I checked the ship status overnight. No enemy attack. I got on my boots and did every essential thing in the morning (i.e. hair brushing, face washing).

I went back to lie on my bed for a few minutes, and then went into the room of my CO, friend and now fiance Adam Malkovich. He was still asleep. I whispered his name into his ear. He slowly awoke and smiled. I smiled too.

The ship began to flash. "Ship status alert. Unknown entities approaching. Commencing hull lockdown." I raced to the cockpit. "Space Pirate ships are attacking!" I hollered. I fired up the ship's blast shield and activated the plasma cannon, which pierced right through the ships.

Just then, we received a transmission from Admiral Dane. "Samus, according to a report auto-sent by your ship, you've just been attacked. Are you all right?" I nodded. "It appears that these Space Pirates have finally located you and seek revenge for the destruction of Zebes and their base there." he continued. "The Space Pirate Homeworld that you visited is not the true source of Space Pirates. In fact, they actually come from an asteroid in the Oormine system called Z-SF761. Go there and wipe them out. Is that clear?" I nodded again. "You don't have to tell me to destroy Pirates, Admiral. I'd be perfectly happy to do that." He nodded. The transmission ended.

I glanced at Adam, who had not yet dressed, and said, "This may just be our most dangerous mission yet." I set the ship to fly to their homeworld.

Before landing on the planet, we received another transmission from the admiral. "Three camps have been sent to explore the systems. They will scan each planet to look for any signs of Pirate activity. I will send you transmissions when we have more news."

I nodded, and the transmission ended. Adam had left to get dressed.

Before getting anywhere close to Z-SF761, I scanned the planet to see if there was a defense shield, and if there were ships guarding the planet. A defense shield was in place, but no ships. We entered a small cargo line, using the cloaking device to disguise ourselves. Then, both me and Adam stepped off the ship.

Navigating the planet was easy. Adam stayed behind me, and I instructed him on how to dodge the Pirates. He wore a Marine armorsuit for defense.

There was one Pirate guard up ahead of us. Instructing Adam to stay behind, I slowly walked up to the Pirate and karate chopped him in the neck, knocking him out for the time being.

Up ahead, though, there was an army of Pirates. Shooting one of them would alert our presence. How do we pass, I asked. How do we pass.

Chapter 13: Detection

A Security Drone above us was scanning the area. We would not avoid detection. Moving into the shadows would alert our presence. I waited for the siren to sound.

It did. The Pirate guards turned around, and many more appeared out of nowhere. "Fend them off!" I ordered. I ran to the defense core, outsmarting the Pirates that tried to hunt me or killing them and avoiding their detection devices.

I then entered the Defense Chamber, where I would disable the defense system for the Federation to invade. Climbing to the top, I pressed a bunch of buttons to reveal the weak points. This alerted the Pirates. I Screw Attacked them to destroy their armor and shed them, then used my Plasma and Wave Beams to destroy the core. The defense shield was obliterated.

The Federation ships entered and attacked the turrets. As I escaped the chamber, I spotted a grenadier running away. He threw a grenade.

And where he threw it, was devastating for me to look at.

I practically flew towards the impact site. Among several dead bodies was the heavily wounded body of Adam. Before I began crying, though, the grenadier caught my attention. Adrenaline kicked in and I jumped up to him and horribly crushed him. My attention turned back to Adam. I could see the blood through his clothing.

Two Federation Medics suddenly ran in, hauling him to my ship. I met Admiral Dane, who was approaching. "Samus, is everything all right?" he asked. I looked a little sick. I shook my head no. "A grenadier hit Adam. You can ensure I have killed the attacker." I started crying. One of the guards that accompanied the admiral said, "Lighten up. You're Samus Aran Malkovich, you don't fall like that - " Admiral Dane turned to him. "Dallas, enough!" He put his hand on my shoulder. "He is right though. We need you in this fight. You have done excellent work disabling the defense system, but now you need to help us get into the depths of the planet." I nodded slowly and carefully.

I returned to the ship and saw the medics treating Adam as best as they could. "If you need any help Samus, let us know." I nodded. I went over to Adam and unbuttoned his shirt, bandaging and stitching his wounds. Adam himself slowly pulled off his cracking boots. More injuries.

As I was playing doctor and he was playing patient, I received another call from Admiral Dane. "Samus, I have received word from a Federation squad. They have explored the Oormine System and have encountered a bioform that looks like... well... you," My eyes widened in horror. "Order them to destroy it NOW!" He nodded, and the transmission ended.

I kicked the ship into high gear and set it to fly to the Oormine system. So the SA-X had multiplied. But how many? Two? Two hundred?!

Chapter 14: Battle

As I landed in the Oormine system I saw the SA-X fly straight for Tallon IV. The Federation ships followed, but I gave them a call. "Don't! I can take care of it!"

I sped towards the location. My radar located the SA-X in the Chozo Ruins. As I entered the Main Plaza, I saw her standing there, glaring coldly at me. I have found you, she spoke. As I have set out to do, I will destroy you. We will duel in a grand final battle. I will avenge my two comrades, devoured by the Phazon version of you. She was talking about Dark Samus. So there were three, and Dark Samus had absorbed two of them. "Any more I should know about?" I asked. I only split into three. I heard back. Suddenly, she fired an Ice Beam shot. It went right through me, and I didn't take a bit of damage. WHAT?! she screamed in my head. "One of your brethren kindly gave me the Ice Beam and thus I now negate the Metroid's natural vulnerability. Cold." I replied. That begun the rumble.

Her shots were futile. Her Super Missiles, however, were not. One heavily damaged my suit, taking out an Energy Tank. I fired several Plasma Beam shots at her until she finally fell on the ground panting. I kept firing at her and then she mutated into a large Hornoad creature. I continued to fire until the Core X was revealed. Destroying it, I failed to absorb the Core-X. It floated away. Meh, I'll get it later.

My attention returned again to Adam. I rushed back to the gunship and looked at how he was doing. Not too bad, but bad. The gashes on his head were healing, but not on the rest of his body. "Hold steady," I whispered, kissing his lips. I then left.

I got on my armor and said goodbye to the Dachoras and Etecoons, who looked at me sadly. I ruffled through the Dachora's fur, looking at it sadly as well.

I left the gunship to seek out Admiral Dane.

Most of the Pirates were underground, but I still needed to stay on guard through the area. Once I needed to use the Crystal Flash, an old Chozo technique used to restore energy when I was not near a Recharge Station or my ship.

When I caught up to Admiral Dane, I received my instructions. He told me that the Federation had created data for a Hack Visor, which would allow me to hack the Pirate computer systems to explore deeper and also plant viruses in enemies. I was told to go to a Pirate Data Room and download the data.

Encountering heavy Pirate opposition, I made it to the Data Room, only to witness a Pirate download the data. I fired a few Super Missiles and they damaged him, but he managed to escape. I gave chase.

Cornering him, we engaged each other. I used my Ice Beam to freeze him and then cut through his armor with my Plasma Beam. Then, I used my Super Missiles to beat him back. After a gruesome battle, he lay on the ground, pleading for me to spare him. I let him die.

Before he did, though, I extracted the Hack Visor from his suit. The room locked, and so I had to use my new toy to escape.

When I did, Admiral Dane contacted me. "Excellent. There is a system up ahead that you can hack to get into the underworld of the planet."

Shortly afterward, I received another call. "...This is James Carter...". Static, then, "...I was kidnapped duing the Zebes campaign and now I am imprisoned here...". More static. "...Help...". Then the call cut off. I remembered James. He was a 16 year old who worked with me once. He had a crush on me, but I didn't date him because he was seven years younger than me. Too young for me.

As I entered the next room, I accidentally stepped through some laser beams. Damn! Attempting to destroy the alarm systems, a Pirate trooper stepped in. Not feeling like fighting, I ran for it.

The next room had a few more Pirates. Outrunning them, I reached a long shaft and jumped up as fast as possible. These Pirates were much more agressive and thus could damage my suit more greatly and quicker. I fired at them to keep them at bay, but their armor was too strong. Mine wasn't.

How did these Pirates get so better in their military weapons? How? What have they been stealing from the Federation? Are they really against the Pirates? Or do they have an alliance that I don't know about?

All those and more questions raced through my head as I tried to reach the computer system. Finally, I was cornered and forced to fight the Pirates who were pursuing me. I felt like using a Power Bomb. I did.

Finally, I reached the computer terminal. Using my new toy, I completely bypassed the computer system.

Chapter 15: Raid

Before I went on, though, I called in my gunship to land so I could restock on both energy and ammo. Beating the Pirates back used up a lot of it.

I also went in to check on Adam. He was awake. He only wore his pants and his unbuttoned shirt. "Samus..." he asked in a slow, weak voice. "Where were you...?" "The Federation located another SA-X. I left to destroy it. Then, I was instructed to download Hack Visor data sent by HQ." After a conversation I left and began my trek to Z-SF761's underworld.

It was dank and creepy, like other areas I've previously explored. There was rocky terrain along with a dark atmosphere, so I used my Infared Ray Scope to see.

What I did not expect to see in the next room was a prison. Yeah, I knew that Pirates would have prisoners here but I didn't think they'd be kept in the underworld. There were Metroids and Federation Marines and -

One of the prisoners that shocked me most was... was...

"Old Bird!" I cried out loud. He was one of the Chozo I grew up among on Zebes. I hacked his cell's computer to free him and he trapped me in a bear hug. I also freed the Federation Marines and some innocent people.

This, of course triggered the Pirate alarms, and a squad was sent to attack.

The innocent people ran to a corner of the room with some Marines to guard them and the rest stayed to fight along with me. The rumble began.

As I took on a huge one I noticed the Marines fighting more than one. Midway, I received a message from one of the Marines to continue on while they fought. The Frigates Siriacus and Vol Paragom, which had retreated post the destruction of the base on Zebes, were about to escape. Unlike the Orpheon, which was now a pile of junk on the planet Tallon IV, they had returned to Z-SF761. I had to stop their plans to escape. If I didn't, then I could not ensure the complete destruction of the Pirates.

I took an elevator to get to the Docking Bays.

I knew they had stolen supplies of Fuel Gel aboard. I had to somehow destroy it, which in turn would blow the ships up. If I was aboard the ship when I did so I would die in the ensuing explosion. I did not posess any grenades of any sort. If I could just snag some from a grenadier... no. Too risky. If I did that they would know about my plans to blow up the ships and they would make the objective more difficult.

I had to make up another plan.

Noticing some crates, I slowly and quietly walked up to them, and found what they stored. There were closed crates of Fuel Gel and open crates of grenades. If I dropped a grenade in the stores of Fuel Gel...


No. Can't.

I had an alternate idea.

I had a special type of Plasma Beam that I found on Tallon IV, and a Charge Combo to go with it. This Plasma Beam was not the thin ray that cut through the armor of the SA-X or the Pirate holding my Hack Visor. This Plasma Beam was capable of incinerating. It had a Charge Combo called the Flamethrower. It fired a continuous stream of fire that could burn the ship with the Fuel Gel aboard and I could escape before it got to the gel.

So, I began using it. I had to have a good supply of Missiles, and thankfully I did. Actually, I had all of them. Because it ate away at my Missile supply. I went to the back of the Siriacus to begin creating the fire. If the Frigate Siriacus went down, the Vol Paragom would too.

As the fire began to spread I stopped and began to escape. As I reached the elevator I knew time was of the essence. When I reached the area where the fight was I saw one of the Marines, who began telling me how 21% of the fleet were dead. But 75% of the Pirates were also dead. Just before he continued, we heard a loud explosion.

"What the - " I then smirked at him. Then I said, "Objective complete."

Chapter 16: Endgame

Before I continued on, Admiral Dane contacted me and asked me to return to the Docking Bay. I complied. Amongst the enveloping flames that had engulfed the entire landing site, Admiral Dane emerged from the GFS Olympus. "Outstanding work, Samus. I don't say this often, but I sure am impressed." One of his guards snickered. It was Dallas, the one who had condemned my crying when Adam had been caught in the bomb blast. Dane turned to him with a stern look on his face, and he didn't dare interrupt Dane again.

"You truly are helpful, Samus. You're our best hope to win this fight. Now that you have set fire to the Siriacus and the Vol Paragom, you have destroyed the Pirates' only means to escape. Our mission, though, is not yet over. Tonight the Federation will fight against the Pirates. During the battle, I want you to invade the heart of the planet and begin the propulsion sequence. We will escape and let the Pirates be caught in the blast. Clear?" I nodded. He saluted me and then returned to the Olympus.

I called my ship in to land so that I could restock on ammo and check on Adam. Most of his wounds were healed. I breathed a sigh of relief. He'll be okay, I thought to myself. He'll be okay.

As I left, I found a small grating that I knew lead to the heart of the planet. Hacking into it, I entered. It was time to finish the job.

As I discovered, there were stores of Metroids, Pirate corpses and various other things. I better cremate the corpses, I thought. I knew Ridley lurked down here, and he could be brought back if he devoured the bodies. One by one, I threw each corpse into the lava. I made sure not to step in it, as it was too hot for even my Gravity Suit to handle.

The next shaft had more corpses and Metroids. The Metroids were not anything of a problem, as because of my Metroid DNA they recognized me as one of them. The room had no lava, so I decided to create some with my Flamethrower, and use it to burn the bodies.

The next and final room featured no corpses or Metroids. Instead it featured drained enemies. As I walked past the crumbling carcasses, the lair of Ridley came to view. I fell down a shaft, and then ran through a corridor, into a large, vast chamber. Ridley's.

As I entered the room, the door locked behind me. Ridley flew in, locking the door behind me and destroying some ceiling rubble, which fell behind me and trapped me. Well, well, is it not my old friend, Samus Aran? Er, Samus Aran Malkovich! Like the SA-X, Ridley could speak by sending messages to the mind. Otherwise he spoke in Space Pirate, and I didn't bother to translate. "Nothing matters now. What matters is that I end you and your threat forever!" I bellowed. That commenced the battle. It was over lava, so I took care not to fall in. I was stocked on ammo. He didn't seem to take much damage at all. He posessed special armor, I guessed. I fired a volley of Super Missiles and charged Plasma, Wave and Ice Beams combined. They caused continuous damage. But no matter how much damage he took, it wasn't enough to destroy his new armor. I couldn't penetrate it.

When I had damaged him enough, he fired a stream of magma at me, which took out an Energy Tank. I hadn't expected that. He fired several more, most of which I was able to dodge.

Soon, he began twirling his tail, and then smacked it at me, knocking me against the wall. I fell to the ground, one unit of energy left. Then, he spit a ball of fire, which did it.

My armor fell off.

He had done it. He had destroyed my armor. Permanantly. There was no way to restore it. It was gone, for good. I had all my upgrades still, and Energy Tanks and ammo, but I could not use them. Ever again.

Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, I saw the wall behind me break. A group of three stood behind me. The SA-X from earlier, Adam and Old Bird. They all began firing their weapons at Ridley. Finally, leaving me alone, Ridley turned to them and tried to tail swipe them. It hit the SA-X first, who morphed into an X Parasite. Before he could strike Adam, I jumped for the X.

As I fell to the ground, I heard a message in my mind. . The SA-X had given itself up for me. My original Varia Suit was restored to me, and I now posessed the abilities I had not recovered. Including the Hyper Beam, unleashed on me by Mother Brain during my final mission to Zebes and given to me by the Metroid hatchling. I wasted no more time.

I aimed my Arm Cannon at Ridley.

"Now we will see who's more powerful! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I continuously fired at him, ignoring the damage done to me by his attacks and yelling curses and anthologies. "THIS IS FOR THE ION-FAERIA!" 3 shots. "THIS IS FOR THE CHOZO!" 3 more shots. "THIS IS FOR MY PARENTS!" 7 shots. "AND THIS IS FOR THE METROID HATCHLING!" After 5 shots he exploded in front of me.

I made sure there were no more corpses for him to absorb, and then glared coldly at him. As he was exploding he tried to bite me, but I kicked him back.

After that, Adam and Old Bird and I engaged in a group hug. Then, I said, "Time to finish the job." I hacked the computer system behind Ridley and that started it.

The words "Propulsion sequence activated. 6 minutes to explosion." echoed through the planet. That did it. My friends and I ran for the exit, which was now blocked off by debris. The other wall crumbled, and we escaped.

As we ran through acid filling chambers, we emerged in one of the corridors that I explored. I had an idea. Holding onto Adam and Old Bird, I shinesparked up to the top of the shaft. I went right through the platforms.

When we escaped the lava filled caverns, we had four minutes left. I saw a large green object with a smaller one, and three blue objects. "HEY!" I yelled. Two Pirates were trying to harm the Dachoras and Etecoons. I ran up to one, punching it in the face and kicking the stomach of the other. I grabbed the Etecoons while the Dachora held onto its baby. We ran to my gunship on the surface area of the planet. I noticed many Marines fleeing to the Olympus as well. As we flew out of the planet, we watched as all the Space Pirates were destroyed. The mission was over.

I flew our gunship to dock on the Olympus, then I ran up to the Flag Bridge, where Admiral Dane was waiting for me. "I am absolutely impressed by your work, Samus. You have successfully fulfilled your goal. The Space Pirates have forever been defeated." I smiled and learned that a banquet was being organized in my honor.

Epilogue: Promise

Before I entered the banquet room, I made sure I was perfect. I was, so I entered.

As I walked in, Admiral Dane stood at the top of the stage. There were various tables in the room. I found the table with Adam, Old Bird and Armstrong Houston and sat down.

"Attention, everyone!" Admiral Dane broke the talking. "This banquet is in recognition of the efforts of Samus Aran Malkovich and her husband Adam Malkovich to destroy the Space Pirates once and for all." "Samus lost her parents when she was three to the Space Pirates. The Chozo acted as a foster family to her and rescued her, trained her and fused her with their blood. One of the Chozo, Old Bird, is here with us tonight."

Everyone clapped as he stood up and walked up to the stage. Old Bird was knighted for helping me when I was three. "Now, I would like to call up Mr. and Mrs. Malkovich." Everyone clapped longer for us than they had for Old Bird. "Samus Aran Malkovich has fought the Space Pirates many times over. She is notable for destroying the base on Planet Zebes twice, but unfortunately, the second destruction also decimated the entire planet. Old Bird, however, can return to his home on Tallon IV, where Samus also faced a menace quarantined years ago and stopped the spread of Phazon corruption."

Everyone continued to clap. "I would now like to reward Samus and Adam for their efforts in destroying the Pirates." More clapping. He came up to me and gave me a bronze pin, then he kissed my hand. He also gave a pin to Adam. Everyone clapped, and the dancing begun.

Adam and I walked out onto the balcony. "Well, Samus, you've really outdone yourself. I'm proud of you." said Adam. He held me against his body as we danced. "No, we've outdone ourselves. Don't leave the credit fully to me," I said. Adam just smiled. As we kissed, I felt powerful. I would fight against evil wherever I found it. Nothing could stop me.

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