• Snakeboss14

    Well, I like VGM a lot, and I frequently start singing some good songs. This are probably among the songs I like the best if I want to sing. They are not my favorite songs. They all belong to very good games.

    Ridley's Hideout from Super Metroid: well, this is Wikitroid, you should know this song. It makes you feel that you're in hell (and you are). Definitely more fun to sing than Magmoor Caverns, which I think is better.

    Flower Garden from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: it plays in what I call "rocky levels", such as Worlds 2 and 4. I like jumping around with Yoshi when I hear this song. This song appeared in Brawl, too, but it's not as cool as the original.…

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