Stevenator Sand

aka Cpt.Glitch

  • I live in Some Wierd Zombie Infested Place
  • My occupation is Killing Zombies and a Video Game Modder
  • I am Saving the Earth
  • Stevenator Sand

    Hey guys! I am in the making of a New Metroi (sort of) Called Metroid Zero Mission 2. I am using Double Helix and if you want to help (whitch I kinda want) or want the game please message me. It is on version 1.3 and is 100% free. I even have a few youtube vieos (see bellow) for some proof. Of course there is more to come and you could be like a graphic or even the co-editer. Just let me know. Thanks Stevenator Sand  01:07, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

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